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I was tempted to play this one more than their other titles such as Naisho de futamata (See my post here) and Kindan no Futamata (and here!), mostly due to the voiced component!

When I first read the description it was mentioned that there are 12 characters in total that would come visit the restaurant! (Somewhat reminds me of Tokires! ) What's so special about this one was that your name (Subject to their official name listing unfortunately... ) will be called by the characters!

Only available on the Japanese iTune store...!
I think the best routes are the bigger characters as shown on here... lol

One day you were approached by a mysterious man Ashitani Ryuunosuke, who ordered you to be the owner of the shop...

Turns out only these characters are voiced / have story. Somehow I felt discounted. lol

Ashitani Ryuunosuke (CV: Kouji Yusa)
Kimura Katsumi (CV: Nishiyama Shinya)
Yamazaki Takuto (CV: Kakoi Makoto)
Kataoka Hitonori (CV: Maekawa Takuya)
Takahashi Masaya (CV: Ooshita Kouta)
Fujioka Yuuta (CV: Kubo Tamon)
Iijuin Shou (CV: Balletta Yutaka)


Super easy gameplay...! Simply make items and add them to the sales counter! But you could only display up to 5 different items at the sales counter any one time!

There are different star rankings for items made. Unfortunately, the items are generated randomly. orz That said, the blue jelly have higher chances of being turned into higher star ranking items!

I don't normally like characters with expressions like this. lol But I ended up liking him the most out of this game!

Customers are differentiated into two types. Normal and special. Special customers are the characters you want to sell to mostly since they have scenarios to be unlocked upon purchase of special items!

* When you make items, try to do it all in one go. lol That way, you reduce the time to refill the items!
* Reading the chapters while you have fully stocked up.
* When making items out of the pink jelly, draw a circle. When items out of the blue jelly, swipe left and right. I find this way to quicken the process.
* Tweet to obtain more jelly!
* Watch a short ad to obtain more jelly!
* Use shout to get the special characters to come and buy the items you want to them to buy!
* Use the coins to buy more shouts! Coins are fairly useless anyway. lol

If I was to say what I dislike about the game... there are quite a few interestingly. lol I guess my standards have gone up. But regardless, here's what I thought. I didn't like how the stories doesn't unlock in order. orz Personally I would like to read from first to last to see their romance development! If they have included the item that unlocked the scenario, I prefer to see it within the story too. Since they had the avatar for the item made already, they could just flash it when the character were shown the items by heroine! Then it's the items making gameplay... if only they allow me to make 100+ items all in one go (Or even with a waiting time) that would be much appreciated. lol I feel like I'm

Personal favourite is Hitonori and Masaya! Probably because of their personality...! Hitonori is definitely the healing type. I had the most fun reading his scenarios and he does keep the heroine (player) guessing! While Masaya on the other hand, he's overly pushy (as expected from an Oresama) and then he's secretly so Tsun as you read on to his story! My least favourite is probably Yuta. lol His voice... every time I read his story I had to mute it! His voice was just too loud. But I suppose he's passionate hence the loud voice. The characters do make some sort of appearance between each other's stories and you could tell what they were trying to do (To get on good terms with heroine!). XD

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