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Coming soon in 2018!

Long time no post! Mostly because I had no computer to use! lol I could use my phone but it's not the best tool to use when I want to adjust the size of the screen shots for my posts. lol This post is different though...

Short update of what I've been up to and fangirling abit (as usual)... despite they're all for next year!

In case you haven't heard, there was announcement of Persona 5 animation for next year! Though I kind of expected that to happen after seeing the Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers previously.

PS4/Vita - Dancing All night
This is really the reason for my short posted! lol I'm super excited to see Persona 3 Dancing Moonlight and Persona 5 Dancing Starlight! I still remember when I was still playing Persona 4 Dancing All night (See my post here) that I thought it would not be possible for Persona 3 to get an adaptation of the rhythm game eventhough they have the best soundtracks out of the series! Part of the doubt was the protag Minato (Yuki) always have his hands in his pants pocket (Imagine the limited dance moves he would have). Luckily I'm proven wrong with the announcement and the trailer video! In fact, he dances full on. lol I'm probably more brainwashed with his signature poses.

Official Teaser Site

3DS - Persona Q 2
More game announcement! Persona 5 will join the next game in Chibi style! Not sure if the other Persona 3 and 4 characters will reappear as with the first game (See my post here) though... But it's definitely another game I'll look out for!

Official Teaser Site

Whilst on the topic of Persona... I'll be attending Smash at Rosehill Gardens on 19-20 August 2017! Table number to be confirmed, but I will be selling some Persona 5 (My play history post is non existence but I am playing through it!) goodies. And like many others, possibly Cosplaying too depending how I go with time. lol


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