[Android] Dokkiri Kamikaihi 2

Surprises super dodged again!

Brought to you by Global Gear! Sequel to the original Dokkiri Kamikaihi which I posted about previously (See my post here), I was relatively surprised when they announced the second game!

Read on for short post (and short game)!
Life of Protag and the stages are shown in the form of a manga panel split!

Avoid all the surprised that's hidden into your every day activities! Save protag from the danger of surprises again!

Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up/using!

Every time I see these mystical creatures I get uneasy... just like the protag. lol

* Tap on everything possible to collect items. Only 5 could be held at any one time.
* Not all items are useful, however, they could be used to unlock all the bad ends as well!
* There are different ways to use items...!
* You could always use hint and up to maximum of 3 hints could be given at any stage after viewing an short ad.

I haven't been feeling strongly about a particular stage this time, perhaps it was more for the game play. I always enjoy the family time in this series, but only one stage was kind of cute was the stage 26 with the Christmas for the younger brother. All that effort! Not to mentioned that our protag was taken away by the mysterious creature in the end of it (I don't think anyone was thinking but they made an impression on me). lol

Few notable stages are the last few stages, such as stage 30 where protag have to steal the crown (No, I'm not thinking of Persona 5 as I was playing it!!! lol)! I was stuck on stage 27 with the tobibako (jumping boxes) round 2, but managed to complete it after playing it on a different night! lol

The replay value is there for people who wanted to complete all endings! There are special rating on the endings too! Recommended for those who likes to play short puzzle games!


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