[Cosplay] Smash

@ Rosehill Gardens

Happened the weekend of 19-20 August 2017 at the Rosehill Garden! In fact, it is the last year Smash will be held at Rosehill Garden! Took me a while to post it since I didn't have much photos... =w=;

Sat Cos Idolish7 - Trigger Taisho Version
Gaku @ Kaya
Ryu @ Akimi
Tenn @ Nabari

Sun Cos Persona 5
Protag @ Haruki
Futaba @ Nabari

Read on for my usual lengthy convention post!
Went out to set up for the first time! Usually my table partner Zhen does it all, but I figured this year I should be abit more organised (Being going to the Office Works on Thursday night to print the new prints and fortunately they had enough paper that I need lol) and actually work together! Arrived just before 5pm to pick up the passes, and finished hanging up all the posters and ready for Saturday by 7pm (Actually helped very little with Animecha's table/wall set up). Headed to the local to get a paper trimmer off Haruki and pass on passes to Kaya and Akimi... I was also abit disappointed with the Trigger key charms not arriving on time. I stayed up for abit to fiddle abit with the wig styling (literally just a few pulls) and bedded.

Woke up just at the time when Celnyan arrived to my home. lol Though I did make it to the convention on time (Without cos lol) per planned even after picking up all friends! When I thought we were placed at a bad spot on Friday during setup... I was proven wrong when the convention started at 9am - Attendees were came in from starting table 0, despite we're the furthest from the whole venue! XD

There was abit of hiccup when our friend Haruki have lost her pin board with all the badges. ^^; That took up abit of time, but that said, it's because it was handled well by the security and Smash Volunteers, so kudos to that. Though in the end the board was never replaced like they said. Fortunately Haruki brought in a photo frame to do some adjustment, so she managed to attached it to a piece of paper and back to the frame.

I struggled abit with the table and with managing friends and extra passes throughout the day. I was still glad that I managed to see a few familiar faces... even if I don't recall your names! orz I've noted down one of your names so I will remember you next time (Hopefully)! Earlier in the morning after the first wave were done, my fellow group members came to grab me and transformed me into Tenn! lol Special shout out to Akimi's amazing skills (and I can't be bothered) on covering brows and everything else. Also thanks to Cathy for lending brown eyeliner last minute. lol I guess I was literally asleep when having my makeup done by Akimi.

After fully woken up (in cos), Bambi dropped by to help take our HD table photo when things are still up! lol So much regret the year before when someone brought all the Otoge heroine chibis off my wall! Funny enough, they were not sold/touched this year. lol Maybe they got the message last year that they were not for sell.

The said shoot photo by Bambi, post edited by Akimi.

Due to some miscommunication, we ended up having spare passes (We love to burn money like this as seen with last year... orz) for Hehalana and Jin who came casually late but as Ann and Protag from Persona 5! I was abit excited when I saw them because I think Hehelana suited Ann, and I ship Protag x Ann (Not to mention Protag x Futaba as well!). lol I did went browsing abit at the main stage, vendor hall and artist alley and then saw other i7 cosplayers cosplaying as the order please version that Akimi and I was interested in doing! Later in the day we found Momo in the Valentine version as well. lol

I went to Maid Cafe with Bambi since Akira had a booking for 4 people. Surprisingly I went in through the back door and no one have stopped me. lol I found out later since I beat Akira into the Maid Cafe due to this reason. lol The food haven't changed much from last year but for me it was for dining with proper sittings.

It was abit refreshing with the new Maid Cafe menu - which was properly printed!

The maid that served us have never done the magic previously so it was mostly just the noises of the animals. lol Akira ended up having to say the Oishikunarimashita for them. Not long after we lost Akira who help out with Maid cafe and we have our Polaroid taken. The polaroid I was abit disappointed since it came out blurry... but luckily I did have a phone copy (Thank God!).

Nowadays I only have food photos everywhere and not enough people. lol

By the end of the day I took Haruki out for a walk, since she was quite upset with the stolen pin board. We went around the artist alley looking for the stolen board other artists goods. lol Since it was suggested by other artists I spoke to previously. Majority of the tables we notice had P5 prints, but we managed to see another table with i7 print of Love and Game! i7 is slowly sinking in... despite the anime is still pending! Half way through I was dragged out for a massive i7 fangirling session. To be honest, I always said this, my main reason for having a table is for me to find people with the same interests! XD

Idolish7 Fangirling session...!

I was glad we made it on time to get a free sticker photo taken! During the photo I thought our bodies will disappear as with most green tops, but fortunately the uniform was dark enough to avoid being erased! XD Below are the sticker photo that Akimi and Kaya decorated.

Funny enough... when Haruki returned to the table, the board was found in a awkward place - on top of her A3 print folder which she have been using all day long with prints that she would never try to damage. We had abit of joke about it how it magically appeared after I took Haruki out. =w=

For dinner I finally went to the Hainan chicken place Kurako went last year (I didn't go since I wasn't feeling well last year at Smash), it was good and very decent price too! Would so go again!

Originally I intended to do Mishima from Persona 5 (Provided the turtle neck top was received), but instead I ended up doing Futaba. Not that I don't like Futaba, but mostly because she was quite over done throughout the weekend. lol Regardless, we spend the early morning browsing the Vendor hall since we didn't get the chance to. I managed to bump into Helen from Animestuffs when Haruki bought the Saiyuki rubber charms! She always source in some rare titles (Non main stream) that I could never find at other stores! XD We did our blind boxes for the day and Haruki was pretty upset that she managed to get two Akechi which she hates the most. lol Pretty much saw it come since the mains would have been bought on Saturday already. Nothing good from left over blind boxes generally, unless they're none main stream titles. lol

I went back later to get token for Jin and then turns out I didn't need to since the amount of people getting signatures seems to have reduced compared to last year so he managed to get it himself? Which was one reason why I leave signatures on the Sunday. I went and got the signature Token for Sakaguchi Daisuke (Shinpachi from Gintama and Mishima from P5) and Redjuice!

Photo with the youngest cosplayer...! lol

First half of the day taking polaroids with cosplayers and the second half of the day with signatures (and not talking to people). I literally queued for 3 hours to get two signatures. orz I supposed that's what happens when you want something...

My loot for the weekend! Not too many compared to the past years... Redjuice's signature is beautiful! but took so long... it even went beyond the session time from 4:30pm to 5pm. If you notice the detail of the signature from Sakaguchi, it had a pair of glasses. XD I really wanted to get him to sign a pair of glasses but never ended up getting a pair to get him to sign. One item anyway. =w=

I ended the weekend with a low, since I returned to the table feeling unwell and it was end of the convention. I've been told by others that they came looking for me and I wasn't there. I wasn't able to say good bye to friends also which made me having second thoughts about getting signatures again next year...

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