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@ Royal Exhibition Building

Back to my favourite venue in Melbourne! Held on the 16th-17th September 2017! As usual I'll run through things that we did throughout the weekend!

We have been getting abit sloppy with cosplay plans so below the cut is mostly my individual cosplay. orz

Read on for more.
Late Thursday night we all received a message saying that our flight have been delayed by 2 hours. So I managed to sleep in before heading off. Although getting the extra hour sleep, the others were still running on time but with little room for movement. And then it happened! 3 of the 4 managed to check into the scheduled flight with us leaving 1 person behind. Bambi got the short straw with the plane delayed from 9 to 12, and then shortly after from 12 to 5. Something always happens when I fly with this airline. =w=;
Regardless, despite abit of the wind issues, we managed to get to Melbourne, checked in and have a late lunch with friends. We also managed to go to the Markets which I have never been to before, it's big however there wasn't as many people as I thought there are. Perhaps because it is Friday and everyone is at work. Shortly after we went to Melbourne Central and our last sight seeing ended at the State library of Victoria since it started pouring. We knew it was going to be a wet weekend so Kurako and I brought umbrella, though we had to share it with friends.

After going seperate ways, Kurako and I did our usual snacks raiding at the Chinese grocery. After returning to the hotel we rested abit (And I caught up with my i7 ranking lol). We headed out to dinner out south at Wabi Sabi Garden Japanese Restaurant, which was the venue they used for Animaga Maid Cafe. I also used Uber for the very first time, and I must say it's pretty efficient compared to getting a taxi!

I borrowed Hehalana's cosplay of Ann Takamaki from Persona 5, but didn't managed to borrow the wig on time so I ended up wearing a full length Lolita wig.

Royal Exhibition Building!

We arrived to the venue 15 minutes before it opens and saw a queue already. Just got inside sharp at 10 and then we stayed at the Animacha table until 1:30 for Kishida Mel's drawing panel.

Probably the only photo I had on my phone for the day.

Prior to that we had a sample of the Maid Cafe food before our booking on Sunday. lol I was glad Sensei did a drawing of Maka, because I like Maka the most out of the two mascots from Animaga! Not long after the panel we got our autograph token sorted. Too bad we don't get to keep the autograph token. I think they could either cut the corner of the token so they could still avoid people from using it and yet people get to keep the token for keepsake (Yes I'm one of those people that keeps everything!). There was a selfie session with Sensei which was free! I was glad because I didn't managed to take a good selfie with Sensei (He was tall)! He wore the school uniform for his new game Blue Reflection for the photo session, as well as the autograph session. To my surprise, there wasn't as many fans as I expected. I got Sensei to sign my Arland Atelier Trilogy artbook! I was abit sad that I never ended up cosplaying Aterlier Rorona (Good job to Bambi for managing to get Iksel made for the Selfie with Sensei), and not to mention for this time round also. Looks like I won't be doing it anymore since Sensei seems to have moved on to his newer titles, plus Haruki still haven't cosplay as my partner Sterk! lol

Incase you haven't notice, I dedicated my day to Kishida sensei for Saturday! XD When we got back to help out at the table, alot of the plushies were already sold. So I think the others did very well selling!
I had an intimate dinner with Kurako (One on one lol) at Son In Law for dinner! It was quite abit of distance from the CBD, but slightly on the way from the Royal Exhibition Building so we decided to go there mostly for the giant Fairyfloss Milk tea! It was even bigger than my head (with twin tail on)! XD

Here's a photo for comparison! Thanks to Kurako for the photo.

Apart from the drink, one of the interesting and highlight dish was the egg. By the end of it we were full, and there wasn't too much room on the table for dishes. lol I think we did quite well for two people. lol

My loot from Japan...! Special thanks to Colin and his friend who I still don't know the name for but I really appreciate all those trips you made to help me get my wishlist...! I was kyaa-ing on the bed whilst Kurako was in the shower. lol

We arrived to the venue an hour late... my fault since I'm the only one cosplaying. lol I think only people who played Onmyouji get what character I was doing since I did elaborate the costume to Sailor fuku. Though saying that I think more people asked for photo than Saturday, unless there are not as many P5 fans (That or simply I was a failed Ann lol)?

Today we barely helped out at the table except the first sale of the Rem card stickers and the related merchandises! I think we all had fun buying/selling the cards and I do look forward to see what they managed to do with all the cards afterwards. lol

First up was the long waited Maid Cafe! We ordered a few different dishes and shared so my camera gets a few more pictures out of it! XD As usual, we play a few games before our food comes and as expected, Bambi always loses and had to dance for penalty. I only lost before because he swapped my colour!

Magical drinks and our favourite game. XD

Food was much better than last year! My favourite is probably the Takoyaki!

There were abit of hiccup when they said they don't have anymore of the paper toy of the mascot for the tea. As I was trying to draw a dummy one for our tea, they managed to find Maka and gave us fresh English tea (It was originally for Annya with the Green tea). They also quality control the polaroid that they took which ended up being too dark and gave us a replacement!  I think this made Bambi really happy since we were stuck with blurry Maid Cafe photo at Smash! Straight after the Maid Cafe session, I managed to catch the last of Kishida Sensei's drawing panel. I was slightly disappointed it wasn't Annya on the screen since I was hoping to get the pair in Sensei's style. I managed to catch on the question about if anyone else likes Sailor Fuku, hence I someone caught the attention from Sensei with my cosplay when standing next to Bambi trying to get a clear picture of Sensei's live drawing. =v=;

Long waited Maka bath drink! I wish it was green tea too...

Polaroids before we leave.

I went exploring and trying to spree at artist alley and vendor, but also tour friends into the whole guest signatures process. lol I'm expert at this! Though saying this, this only applies for Animaga since the success rate for Smash is alot lower. Regardless, I think I did quite well catching up with alot of people over this weekend!

Not to mention I also managed to get a photo with Kishida Sensei! His pose is much more feminine than mine. lol Sasuga Sensei!

And a selfie with Reika san at last! So ikemen!

Here's a picture of my loot from Animaga!

Mostly signatures and photobooks. I stopped buying prints nowadays since they do get damage as I stay longer at conventions. lol You could tell what I'm into recently - namely P5 and Onymouji. Actually not entirely, it's most so just because I couldn't find the Otoge titles that I want. Though saying that, I did managed to come across a A3! poster blind box. I just wasn't gamed enough to play it. lol

Today I considered being the most productive day. We went out to get swimmers for the last minute Hot Spring away from the CBD. Returned to the hotel, checked out, and get picked up for the drive. Though we were disappointed when we were told we need prior booking due to them being at maximum capacity, we were luckily enough to head to the spa side! Didn't end up wasting the drive time and we all consider it being a better deal than the original side that rejected us! lol After having lunch there we left and Akira sent us straight to the airport which gave us more time to browse around and have dinner at the airport. We had Nando (My first time having it) and we left Melbourne without a delay!

I must say everything have run quite smoothly for us for the whole Animaga weekend. Now I need to start getting Singapore sorted for AFA Singapore!I went exploring and trying to spree at artist alley and vendor, but also tour friends into guest signatures process. lol I think I did quite well catching up with alot of people over the weekend!

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