[Convention] Manly Zine Fair

@ Manly Library

At last! I finally went to the Manly Zine Fair that I heard about so much during other Zine Fairs such as the MCA and the Other World Zine Fair! Held on the 23rd September 2017 just outside the Manly Library!

It's not held during the time the other Zine Fair normally have it (Late May and I didn't do a post this year) , as this one forms part of the Manly Arts Festival. Regardless I came and enjoyed the nice bit of sun with Yannie.

Read on for more!
Flyer that was inside the Library.

I suppose it was great that it was the beginning of school holidays, so we managed to get to the place without getting lost by just following others who were dressed for the beach. XD

We explored around abit since we arrived around 10am. There was another market on off the Street, so there were traffics that comes around to the Manly Library despite being off the main Street. On top of that, there were bands music playing throughout the event. Both Yannie and I enjoyed the live band music alot. I particularly liked the voice of one of the lady that sang which was very soothing (unfortunately I didnt take note of time to know which band she was with). XP

I took a picture of it when it was most quiet. orz

There were approximately 14 tables at the fair, with one left earlier I suspect for lunch if not because of the sun. It was supposed to be 33 degrees but it didn't feel that way despite the occasional sun. Somehow I thought it was held within the library, so I didn't bring a table cloth (I was taking it easy lol). I guess it does pays to get there early and picked our table, which was under the shade next to the library. XD

Cute little 1 page zine that kids could do.

The traffic was definitely not as much as the other fairs, but upon closing of the fair, the organiser David came to purchase a copy of the zine for the library! It was a relatively pleasant surprise (Should I have known I would have printed them on thicker paper, or at the very least, the cover). Turns out the library even have their own little section for Zines display too. Not to mentioned they're put into different category too. Perhaps I should do that too with the zines I bought over the years, though they're most likely to be just the comics category. XD

The said display of the zines which is located at the corner of the library next to the manga section.

I have seen exhibitions at the library in Adelaide and Victoria, but I don't think I've seen one in Sydney previously (otherwise I must have looking at the wrong places)!

Copy of my Medjed Fever (activities book) and Zine It! (How to make a zine info and activities book) is available at the Manly Library for reading / borrowing. Please be gentle with it because it is fragile. lol Yannie's first watercolour Zine is also available there so please do check them out when you're there!


Zine it!
16 pages (Include Cover) Illustration / Activities /4 koma
Black and white printing
Educational / illustrations / puzzles

Was going to use Hitsuji and Ookami as the main characters... but decided to use Hana and Sou instead! XD

Medjed Fever!
16 pages (Include Cover) Illustration / Activities
Black and white printing
Gag / comedy

theme : Arts & Crafts
genre : Hobby


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