[NDS] Gyakuten Kenji: Case 5

My play history of [NDS] Gyakuten Kenji - Part 2

I finished the last case of the Gyakuten Kenji late last night. (Yes my mind won't let me go to sleep until I defeat that stubborn old man. =A=+) And I was kinda disappointed that Pheonix didn't appear at all...
The last case is a killer:

* Its long, very long. Took forever to get the murderer to admit his crime due to the legal barrier - where the crime is commited.

* Carry forwarded evidences are good idea. Makes you wonder how everything links together.

* Once you press Hold It, everybody have a say... I.e. Murderer, Mikumo, Franziska, Gumshoe, Rou. - I know I press on the wrong line, but too many people are talking. orz Makes me kinda missed the court system where there limited number of people talking.

* Feels distant from the Gyakuten Saiban game. I need more characters in both games to mingle! >A< It give you this feeling that this is 2 separate games, and that as though Pheonix is completely out of Edgeworth's life. T ^ T

* I kinda like the mixture of feelings of love and betrayal between Rou and Shiina - or maybe I'm thinking too much. orz

* I pity Edgeworth with the whole Wendy deal. ... yet I can't help but lol.

About the ending:

* I was actually expecting something between Ichiru and Edgeworth. But then again, I suppose the suit case design was more important.

* I wonder which 2 other girls will Mikumo get in the future to form her own little group? XD Perhaps Maya and Trucy? Then the characters in the 2 games could finally meet!

I wonder when the next game will come out to feed my hunger for more cases... D: On a side note, I went back on to the official site and saw the CM with Matsuda Shota in it. I hope they don't intend to make him Edgeworth... or is it just the promotion of his drama Meitantei no Okite? O.o

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