[Misc] Bzlog November 2017

Otome Games update

It's been a while since I bought a bzlog (I normally buy Girls style)! lol I've decided to buy the next three issues of bzlog purely for the trigger posters that was included. Despite having the small version of the photo already when I got my copy of the photo book for Tenn (I'm expecting gaku and ryu one to be the same)! XD

Read on for a brief summary of things I find interesting within the issue.
Cover with the Tenn Biyori to show the size of the poster of the photo picture I got.

I wish the music monster cover with trigger regality version is easily detachable from the magazine. lol It looks like a magazine cover itself that I think would be good prop for trigger cosplay. Hahah I also like the special interview with trigger in it... Makes me forget what's happening in the story currently. TAT

The last page with the teaser to Ryu's photo book with the abs... Reminds me of Free! XD

Otome Yusha
Somehow I thought the game was released, but probably not yet. There seems to be Abit of things to learn, not to mentioned all the character names too.

Touken Ranbu
Sorry but I gave up following on all the new swords. The original ones are still the best. Though saying that I like how they have default casual clothing for them now when releasing the characters. Could possibly see them in the anime in the future? That said, I haven't been following the anime either (unless they turn it into otome game with a Saniwa). All I wanted was Nagikitsune in nendroid form...

Six Sicks
Another collaboration with Kazuki Yone as one of lead artist, also listed was Futaba Hazuki for the sub Characters. Looking at the Twitter uploads, the main group reminds me of Sanrio Danshi.

Just a reminder to self that I have yet to start on the shining live! But I'm also reminded about A3! event the page after! lol I like it how they include full CG and full body shot of event costumes!

Animal Idol Colours
I have started on the game but I haven't posted it yet. XD My favourite group so far is Clarity (their manager lol) and not 7colors! Probably deep inside I think it's replica of Idolish7. lol I'm sad the poster doesn't have clarity on the other side.

King of Prism Prism Rush! Live
Sadly I couldn't get into this one since I'm already the manager of alot of idol groups. Orz

Ikemen series
They got too time consuming for me to continue or start any new games with them. lol On a side note, the vampire series looks interesting. Oh, and one of the freebie was actually the sengoku series postcard. XD

Despite playing it casually from time to time depending on events (last one I played was the sakurai voiced character hahah), I haven't been on top of all these alternative outfits for the Characters since I think AkaneSekai was easier to play. I'm slightly surprised there are no update on the magazine about it. lol

Fifth anniversary already! Aupoose that's why they got so many pages on the magazine, including one page per album cover! I can't wait to see it on PSVita! On a side note, the band outfits are getting weirder and weirder... Particularly for XIP. lol The outfit for Shin cross over with Cinnamon is so cute. XD

The XIP new outfits never cease to amaze me. It's green this time... ^^;

Cocktail Prince
Another game I have yet to start. Bonus poster with all the characters. lol

Otomate Party 2017
Announced titles with cast doesn't quite interest me. lol I suppose I could understand the hype for Collar x Malice. Cendrillon Palik looks interesting since it's based on the story of Cinderella, but I just wondee if the guy is the Cinderella? XD Variable Barricade reminds me of the mobile games theme but I do like the drawings.

Majestic Majolical
Title to look out for because of the pretty drawings with magical theme. XD

Code: Realize
Didn't touch the game but will be watching the anime to be aired from 7th October 2017!
Just as I was going through the magazine I realised there are quite a lot of other remake / migration to PSVita, such as Corda2 ff, Neo Angelique Tenshi no Namida, Harutoki. I haven't been following the series closely but know of it because Haruki is addicted to it, and I only know the characters in this very first one! XD It will have ultimate version! Basically the 2000 version with added contents for the PSVita platform.

Vitamin X destination
10 years since the game vitamin X was first released. Now they're moving it onto the PSVita platform and date is set in 7 years later! Looking at their new looks, my only question was... Where's toge!? I would have expected it to have grown up after 7 years too, but couldn't see it on Mizuki at all!? I wonder...

Library cross
I was playing the auto reply bot on Line with Satoru sometime ago. lol I didn't realised it was going to be a mobile game with the same gameplay as Yume100 Something to look out for!

Koekatsu Voice In Life
Manager of a seiyuu! This sounds alittle more interesting than another idol group. lol Appears to be messaging system type of game.


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