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Brought to you by UUUM! UUUM is a YouTuber management agency which nominate a YouTubers produce videos on cosmetics, commodities and video games from companies that seek to to promote their products. Or something like that, based on what I read. lol

Featuring fully voiced characters from four popular Youtube channels Hajime Shachou, Avantis, Pocky and Charisma Brothers with overly exergerated stories and characters beautified (?). lol I did come across Hajime on Youtube previously without knowing this game existed from my random find. lol

Just getting rid of some old backlogs again...
This is the best I could do with the title screen (I know I cut off the title), the picture kept stretching since... orz

You're in your forth year in University and just about to start working. Although your dream is to become a script writer, but you're not very good at it. Appeared before you are the popular YouTubers?! Whose assistant do you want to be?

Hajime Shachou



Charisma Brothers

Novel style with ticket system with avatar and view points missions. On a side note, apparently the free simulation game engine is called Alice Smile by Arithmetic! Perhaps that's why there is a bom in the Otome game on mobile (And I'm not up to date with alot of them lol)?

Ending ranges from Normal and Happy (Sweet) end, and upon clearing the sweet end do you get a CG! With event CGs in between too! I note that they actually have season 2 CGs now too.

* Play daily. You could read 5 chapters per day (Provided you finish the missions though)!
* Play events!
* Add friends! This could help you earn more in game currency! Not much, but still helps.

I've seen people's comment on that it would be good if they could add in extra characters. But from my short play, I think what they meant was including other popular Youtubers. One mentioned in the post was Hikakin which is one of the co-founder UUUM! The game have been released for a while, but there are still people playing it and more routes being released.

Despite the nice looking characters, personally I prefer if they choose Utaite from Nico Nico Douga instead (They just need to release a game for Smiley*2), since their voices are more smoothing. Mind you, I think they have better tools to record too. XD

Upon choosing the route you get to hear the sample voice. But You can't hear all the characters' voices if they're within a group. I'm actually struggling to even complete my very first route - Pocky (Which wasn't released previously)! I think there needs to be more freebies upon daily logins for me to progress with it alot quicker...

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