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Dear Magic!

Brought to you by Caerux! It felt like it's been sometimes since they have released something that I was interested in for some time. They did the mobile games Koisuru Shikigami First Kiss and Beast Darling! Kemomimi Danshi to Hitsumi no Ryou! Both... are something I played but never did a post on... not to mention they have the Beast Darling! Puchi (It's like the Disney Tsum Tsum game) this year too!

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I love the colours on this one! XD

Heroine was admitted into Vinculum Mahou Gakuen to study and become a Master, due to having high magical power. Whilst thinking that she was to look after a bunch of magical girls, but turns out they're all boys? On top of that, there're 7 of them?!

Hinomiya Kaito (CV: Saito Soma)
Minatsuki Sakuya (CV: Jinya Haruka)
Kazama Mika (CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
Mugendo Niki (CV: Umehara Yuichiro)
Saiga Arata (CV: Enoki Junya)
Kuranushi Rin (CV: Yamaya Yoshitaka)
Rikumori Yu (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)

Summary of the story in short. lol

It's visual novel style for the story. The actual gameplay is where you practice your magic where you simply tap on the monsters and reduce their health bar.

Magical boy in action!

Don't forget to use transformation where time is stopped for 20 seconds with stronger hits per tap! The number of kill is graded and increases your Master level to unlock voices and sketches. Further, dressing up your boy with locker function could help with the magic practice!

They included voiced sentences on the home page. Depending on the character you have chosen, the voiced sentence will be played upon the home page.

There is also a chat system when you have increased the love meter of the character to a certain level.

The characters appears at random in the talk room. But if you complete a session of the talk, the character within the room are guarantee to increase in their love meter.

* Login daily to obtain daily reward.
* Talk regularly. You could talk every 4 hours after it replenishes, or simply use item to reduce the waiting time by an hour each use.

Whenever I read the word Master, I just keep thinking about Fate Grand Order nowadays eventhough I don't play the game. XD I think what impressed me the most (originally) was the messaging. Whilst messaging (reading through the conversation with the character), you may receive a phone call from them. Plus it's full voiced too! Though I am actually finding it abit boring prior to reaching level 25 before another chat room is unlocked. orz Since the journey to level 25 takes too long! XD It does need abit more items to unlock stories besides the magic practice. =w=

I was relatively surprised that the Gacha was placed on the far left unlike other games that I have played. I wonder if they expect people to be splurging money on to it. lol Not to mention the chances for the rare Gacha story card too, I was hoping to get at least one other story card with the bonus from the pre-registration period so that I could use up the food rewards, but it never eventuate. It seems to be wasted if you don't have enough cards to level up. orz That said, I actually prefer Beast Darling over this one.

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