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Doubutsu no Mori Pocket Camp

Brought to you by Nintendo and surprisingly, not on Nintendo platform!

Finally! One that doesn't need too much explaination! XD I've been a long time Animal Crossing fan! Or simply, a fan of room decorations...! It looks like for Australia only at the moment too! Japan to be released November next month!

Read on for more!

Upon arriving to the relaxing Campsite in your camper van, you are greeted by Isabella, who said you will be the new manager of the campsite! Your job is to built your ideal campsite, be it natural, cute, sporty or cool! You'll need the help from Cyrus to help craft the furniture, tent or amenities for the campsite. Build relationships with animal friends and invite them over to your campsite!

Timmy and Tommy Nook
Able Sisters
Cyrus and Reese
K.K Slider
Tom Nook

There are probably more, but I have yet to see them! XD

Tap and point to location to walk. Could drag your finger across the screen too. Tap on selected things within the area to trigger actions.

Basics avatar customisation includes gender (Once you have chosen to go with the gender, you could not it change after you commence playing), hairstyle, hair colour, eyes, eyes colour and skin colours. Outfits are to be bought with in game currency after. Love the fact that there are socks now (I don't recall having them before...?)!

Camp Site map!

lol... I didn't get to choose my first furniture. And Isabelle knew Cyrus was like that (Efficient lol)! ARGH I wish they give me the first one for free. XD Also the leaf ticket... I mean it was only one minute wait. On a side note, I was surprised that the delivery is straight to your arms, instead of when you return to your camper van. Also keeping up to date with technology, you could call the camper to come visit too!

Your very own Camp Ita van!

* Add friends. The more the better, as not all friends will help you with requests! lol Here's my friend ID: 73671698671 !
* Complete tasks for rewards!
* Don't collect too much items... you have a maximum of 100, which could be added via Leaf Tickets.
* There is a limit on crafting materials storage too, so make sure you built furnitures regularly!
* Save your Leaf Tickets for special events and limited time only furnitures! E.g. For K.K. and Nook which you have just under two months to redeem their special funritures.
* Talk to campers when the "Let's talk" is in red. It guarantees increase friend meter!
* I find that by placing more seatings on the camp site, it allows more friends to hang around the site and potentially redeem more rewards? XD Not to mention that gives more room for new friends to appear on the map and for your to befriend them!
* Sometimes it's worth to pay for the extra room for building furniture since the last furniture does takes hours to built.

Having moved away from Animal Crossing for a while and playing it again with Otome gaming perspective... It's so much easier to increase their love Friendship meters?! lol You get to go on dates invites for little events with event scenarios after fulfilling their requests (Which looks abit shady when the goods are all passed around in a brown paper bag lol) or invite them over to to your camp site... Much like Otome games except just the lack of event CGs. XD

I love the new characters being added. My favourite so far are the Penguins from OK motors - Giovanni, Carlo and Beppe who help you build the Ita camper van!!! YES! Despite the fact that I always get a shock that I have to pay off a mortgage on the works done for the camper van, wish they could be more upfront about it. lol Giovanni have this weird face whenever he worked out how much you owe for the works. lol

They remind me of ninjas. lol

I was relatively surprised there was no Mr Resetti's prescence! I was abit scared when I reopen the app because I accidentally burn the leaf tickets while distracted, which to my relief, not saved nor did I get told off. lol Not sure if it had any difference since I've linked it to my Nintendo account since it does automatically save? Also, Nook only comes in a special guest instead of having anything to do with your mortgage. lol I also miss the weed pulling, digging random holes for friends to trip on...

Not to mentioned that the difficulties seems to have reduced such as the bug catching. Even the changing of furnitures for the camp site was made so easy that it's automatically put in and put out. Guess it'll be handy in real life if it does exist. lol I was gonna get all the fruits before they asked anyway. lol I almost wanted to pick up all the flowers and finding clovers... only to realise they're just decoration this time. Despite alot of things could be done alot quicker than the original Animal Crossing games, though I wish there was a collect all for stretch goals like they did with the mail. I wonder why they didn't include it? o.o I also love the fact that there are new tools such as the Seanet and honey for bulk captures! Though we only get to use the freebie item once. From then onwards it's all money!

I was slightly disappointed that there are no bee hives to run away from anymore! And the fact that you give so much presents out (via requests) that the local campers literally sleep over at your campsite was almost too weird to even talk about. lol Mind you, them staying over will give you something in return, so do talk to them (I take it as subsidised rent lol).

Regardless, I think I'll be playing this for a while! XD

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