[iPhone] Hiragana Danshi Itsura no KoE

Hiragana Gijinka!

Brought to you by Tabot Inc! Sometimes I do miss iPhone games since there are more quality games on there than Android. Regardless, I've been eyeing playing this on the side since Kaji was in it. XD It is apparently the third installment of the Gijinka danshi series (First one was Touken Ranbu) which was developed from the comedy Japanese TV variety program iChara! Not to mention the animation movie will be in cinema in February 2018!

I admit I had to look up the reading of ゑ! XD Though if I have listened to the title I wouldn't have to look it up. lol As expected from a letter themed game...
My favourites are mostly on the right. XD

You are the Shouka (Calligrapher) that the Hiragana Danshi are waiting for! Set in the world that the characters are lost, you met A and Anko who came into your residence in the rural area by chance. Thus starts your journey to gather the rest of the Hiragana Danshi!

Like literally. lol

A (CV: Kaji Yuki)
Anko (CV: Amano Naru)
U (CV: Ichikawa Taichi)
Ko (CV: Murase Ayumu)
Ta (CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
Chi (CV: Enoki Junya)
Nu (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Ne (CV: Ogata Megumi)
No (CV: Yano Shougo)
Hi (CV: Chisato)
a (CV: Taichi You)
i (CV: Shinoda Minami)
Ba (CV: Shimono Hiro)

The puzzle mode is where slide to link the hiragana letters to another to make words and build as much words for the vocabulary within the time limit. You could even link between different coloured letters!

Focus on making longer words (With 3 or more sounds) to increase your score!

E.g. Ma + I could become Mai or the other way around will get you Ima. So the variations are endless! The only tricky part is to avoid the letter you don't want in the word. XD

Tap on the Hiragana danshi to trigger skills. Alternatively, you could always trigger the group skills when all three Hiragana danshi's meters are full!

Upon playing 2-3 rounds of the puzzle mode, you will need to recover the Hiragana Danshi's status by cleansing. The cleansing part acts similarly to skinship, except you swipe back and forth on the dirty (grey) part of the character to cleanse. Upon completion, you would have deepen your reliability with the character!

* Login daily for bonuses.
* Unlock at least 2 extra Hiragana danshi of your choice.
* Participate in event as priorities.
* Don't forget to clean them when they're feeling down!
* Read the stories! It gives you extra Spelling stones for more Gacha.
* Don't forget to collect your bonus upon clearing daily missions / event criterias!
* Level up the skills for the Hiragana danshi and don't forget to equip the gacha items! Adding items with the same Hiragana danshi card gives more skills bonus.


I just realised that it's so much more difficult when just seeing the words in Hiragana. lol I think it's a great game to practice your hiragana. But I wish they include like vocabulary list somewhere for yourself to check back on. lol I just swipe like crazy and didn't even have time to read what was input and works. XD The only down side is that there's not much voiced sentences within the game unless you unlock it in the skills.

It's one of those little games that takes up very little of your time, so I guess I'll be playing it until the movie comes out.

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