[Android] Reizouko no Purin Taberareta

My brother ate my pudding

Brought to you by Hap Inc! Do you remember the popular escape room style game Mama ni Game kakusareta! 1 & 2 (See my post here)? Well, this is the spin off to the game!

Additional to the previous title, the "older sister" was never seen until the last game (The other new addition to the family is the cat? XD) ... and this game wasn't quite what I expected as a sequel! Because strangely enough, you play as the infamous younger brother who starred in his own game as mentioned!

Read on for more!

You open the fridge and found the only food item left was a pudding. But the pudding belongs to your older sister! Run away from your sister who wants to punish you for eating her pudding!

The gameplay is similar to that of escape rooms! Tap on objects to trigger action for picking up/using!


Total 20 stages plus approximately 5 random stages.

* Beware of useless and distracting items!
* There are different ways to use items...!

The humour was there as with the previous ones but the gameplay is more straight forward. I must say I finished the game without a hint required. I felt that their home is relatively big in this game. Probably because they kept running in one direction compared to the previous title.

Spoiler alert

I knew the little brother will be forgiven! But more like, I was slightly upset that I didn't managed to see the happy end part where they bought pudding and all sit down together and enjoy it. I guess it was just abit different ending than what I thought... looks like family bond was more important than the one eaten pudding.

Spoiler ends

The random part included 5 new short stages, although they're not numbered, and then a selected handful of repeated stage. I stopped after a few repeats as I don't see anymore changes in the story apart from the random stage wording up the top.

Random but, I had to uninstalled it on the same day... since I don't have alot of room on my phone (As expected right!? Since I have so many games apps posts! XD). I find it funny though since it says "Uninstall ate my pudding". lol

Can't wait for the sequel... *wishful thinking*!


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