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Liar Game!

Brought to you by Studio Wasabi! I was playing their older title Furare Onnaja Owarenai! Dame Otoko Kaibi Game!? previously, but I dropped somewhere in between and never got around to type it up. XD With their new game released, I was more intrigue than their last one! And here I thought I enjoyed otome games the most, but in reality, I enjoy short mysterious case solving / escape room type of games. :P

The gameplay reminds me of Hannin wa Boku desu (See my post here), but the drawing and the theme reminds me of Danganronpa more! Particularly the trial part in a cutesy style for the brutal part of murder!
I think it will probably get more downloads if they didn't use shadows on the cover. Though that may mean spoiler. XD

You woke up in a room with other people who are also clueless why they were locked inside the room. In order to get out, you need to find the liar(s) / murderer(s) within the group within the 7 days limit!

Oosato Takeshi
Sasamoto Daichi
Kiritani Masaki
Suzukimura Saori
Kanda Miku
Yanagi Seiko

She reminded me of Maizono Sayaka from Danganronpa!

Tap on the screen and tap either chat or investigate. You could retrieve important evidence that could assist you in pointing out the suspect during the Liar meeting!

Coloured shadows / outline of the characters as seen in other escape room games such as Hannin wa Boku desu.

You have up to 3 chances for incorrect assumptions and then you're out! But you could reduce the misses via watching a short ad. lol Upon finishing the game you would get the normal end unless you had perfect score.

Cute Trial result replacing brutal part of the story!

* Tap on anything that stands out from the setting. Note, items may change description after progressing further into the story, or when characters moves around.
* Try to keep a perfect score in order to watch the true end!

LOL! If you read the game app introduction, you will realised it's such a big spoiler! XD It mentioned "8 females and males were gathered at the mysterious building...", but at the start of the game, you only see 6 characters plus yourself within this Liar game!

*Spoiler Alert*
Normal End
You will find out the protag's name and the real reason for the Liar Game. But that doesn't resolve the questions surrounding the hoodie man and Saori's past.

True End
You have to have 100% accuracy and evidence (It'll tell you how many is missing!) during the Liar meetings from chapter 1 to 4. Further, you go to the B1 Doll room to obtain a photo.

Being misled by the character design at the very beginning, I thought Saori was gonna be the first few to go. So I was relatively surprised that all the boys went first. Plus a surprising death on top of the suspect per chapter!
*Spoiler Ends*

Looks like there won't be a sequel! Though I would love to see more from them!


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