[Android] Juicy Uwaki nanka Zettai shimasen!

Cheater catcher!

Brought to you by Marinade Apps (If I'm not mistaken in the company name translation, but iOS releases it under Hana Abiru!)! I've only played their previous title XXX Chome Otoko Out Na Otokotachi! (See my post here, you might note that it is now released under a different developer name too! Proving... it is old! lol) but it's not comparable since the stages of the romance component and gameplay is really different! XD

To be honest, I enjoy this style more (The escape room types)! In fact, by the end of their games, you'll be the master of cheater catcher or just simply... no longer believe in love! XD
It's actually not as Juicy as they promote it to be for the title from my opinion. lol

You suddenly have the urge to see your boyfriend, so you arrived to their home earlier than expect. But at this hour at their place, there is a guest who was introduced as his friend... do you believe in his words?

Only from the app introduction, but I you should only have this one in mind for the first stage. lol


It looks like a female have been into this place! Read the question and tap on the item in question (Evidence of cheating) to progress through the game. With 15 stages with 4 questionable items to clear!

* Read the question and then tap on item. They tend to be suspicious looking anyway.
* Re-read the question if you missed it.
* When in doubt, just continue to tab on different object. There was a stage where the items was used in two questions, if my memories serves me right.
* Look at hints if you didn't get the right answer (Though I find that unnecessary as it requires you to watch a short ad).

There is no replay value in this game after completion. I was slightly disappointed with no special stage. XD One minor bug I would say, I managed to get the right item because it was placed so closesly to the other one for the first question. I only wish that they give you different tries before clicking on the re-try (Obviously I was stuck on of the one question)!

If you enjoyed this title, you should give their other titles a try! And they are to be played in this order (of release) Dangerous, Gossip, Scandal, Scarlet, Masquerade! I actually started on Scandal Uwaki no Shouken, however never got around to post it (Yes it's one of those Work in Progress). Guess I'll have to do it soon! XP In fact, I might make it my next post! So stay tuned!


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