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Brought to you by Hana Abiru! Having played their recently released title Juicy Uwaki nanka Zettai shimasen! (See my post here), I've decided to race through their past releases since the first app that I played XXX Chome Otoko Out Na Otokotachi! (See my post here)!

Read on for thoughts since they're all too similar in gameplay, I've decided to compile them together! XD I had to reshuffle the titles since I think I got them in the wrong order last time. lol

* Scandal Uwaki no Shouken Kare
* Gossip Uwaki Soshite Ubaiai
* Dangerous Uwaki, Ainante iranai
* Masquerade Mata Uwaki suru?
Scandal Uwaki no Shouken Kare
First night staying over at your boyfriend's place, but somehow his room contain something that shouldn't be there... Would you still believe that he can't be without you?

Gossip Uwaki Soshite Ubaiai
Your boyfriend is a fairly popular with the videos he uploads. Today's content is themed his drunken daily, and during the live broadcasting, you hear some strange sounds? And you're definitely not imagining it! It's a woman's intuition!

Dangerous Uwaki, Ainante iranai
There are two types of men in this world. Those that get caught cheating, and those who don't get caught. If it's you would understand, it's better to discover the evidence of cheating sooner...

Masquerade Mata Uwaki suru?
Isn't it useless to work hard no matter who you are? It's decided to be discovered whenever a man cheats.

He's definitely cheating, but you can't just chase him away without evidence! Collect evidence that he have cheated. When you think you have collected enough evidence, present to get him to confess he have cheated on you!

Is it just me or does it give off that Persona 5 vibe. lol Including the catchy music, and the game icon for Masquerade Mata Uwaki suru?! XD

Each stage require up to 4 evidence to clear, with a total of 20 stages ranges from his room, toilet, car, fridge, wallet etc. and alot of interesting situations! Office love, classmate, Foreigner, long distance love and many more!

Whilst playing the games, one couldn't help but think... DUMP THIS GUY ALREADY! lol I think the games are relatively simple to play as with many time killing games. Though, it would be nice if they include linking the evidences with logic as seen in Miles Edgeworths games (I'm asking for too much in a free game am I? XD).


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