[Android] Goes! Nana Fushigi Collection

7 Mysterious Collection

Brought to you by Future Tech Lab! I like it how some companies do a special mini game on mobile to promote an actual game that they have on other consoles.

Based on the Vita game Goes! released in November 2015, with a total of 12 characters.

This is actually the loading screen whenever you open the app. XD

There is no prologue for this spin off game. lol

Set in the Private Rokuyo Magic High, where the study of Magic, Gods and Science exist in the modern world. Investigate and solve the 7 mysteries within the school...

Pity that it's not voiced. lol But here's the character list with their supposed CVs. I was surprised with the full female cast!

Takashi (CV: Sanpei Yuuko)
Vince (CV: Shitaishi Ryouko)
Kai (CV: Saiga Mitsuki)
Niiyama (CV: Kokuryuu Sachi)
Hinata (CV: Minagawa Junko)
Sejm (CV: Takeuchi Junko)
Kurone (CV: Kaida Yuki)
Luka (CV: Toyoguchi Megumi)
Kanno (CV: Watanabe Akeno)
Hatori (CV: Tamura Mutsumi)
Shiina (CV: Shindou Naomi)
Fortum (CV: Tamura Yukari)

Too bad we don't get to see the character consuming the food. XD

Place item around the school area to attract little cute characters from Goes!. Each item will increase the chance to attract those characters. Upon a period of 5 minutes waiting time, tap on the character with the !! mark above them to start communication! Once the conversation finishing you are rewarded with increased stats with the character.

Don't forget to shop for more food items!

Special event will occur upon increase relationship with the character. Upon clearing the criteria, you get a photograph keepsake with the character (event CG lol).

* Use points to buy extra food items.
* Save your gem to buy new locations! That way you could fit more characters within the same waiting time!

I think they released this game to promote the game since... the game is being undermine by other otome games that are voiced by popular male voice actors. orz This game is more regarded as Houchi game, so you could continue to play from time to time. I'm relatively surprised that there are only 6 locations in total and not 7 since as the title suggest... there are 7 mysteries within the school (NOTE: I'm saying this but I have yet to finish the game. )! I think if they include daily login bonus would encourage players to play continuously. That aside, I think a few voiced lines / words would help... XP

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