[Android] Pokemon Magikarp Jump (Hanero! Koi King)

Everybody loves Magikarp

Brought to you by the Pokemon Company! I must admit, I did lose interest in Pokemon console game after Sun and Moon (I haven't finished it yet!), let alone even buying Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. orz

I do think that the app actually came in due to the Magikarp Song I love Magikarp (along with the other songs for Mimikyu and Ditto).
Pikachu passing the title of the main mascot of the game to Magikarp!

Welcome! I'm Mayor Karp and everybody loves Magikarp in Hoppy Town! Here we have various trainers who train their Magikarp to jump and compete in the leagues to win the champion title!

You get to train one Magikarp at a time. The Magikarp patterns appears in random regardless of which rod you chooses. You could feed the Magikarp or train it to gain experience and level up. Food items and training events could be enhanced using coins (In game currency)!

Food Frenzy!

After various training, you may come across events which could help level up your Magikarp or make you lose your Magikarp. lol

I'm as confused myself whether the trainer is a boy or a girl. lol

Where you have lost in training or in the league, or when the Magikarp have reached its maximum level and completed the league, it will be forced to retired. The whole cycles loops infinity through generations of Magikarp!

* Boost the training with coins. Since Training gives more experience points than food!
* Unlock support Pokemon friends (Pikachu and Piplup)!
* Decorate your pond which more permanent effects!
* Maximise your Magikarp's level before going into the league! Because... you could only level so much for each Magikarp, and they need to retire after league or max level.
* Press skip where you have previously won the battle in the league to save time. Take note of the JP however.
* You can be adventurous sometimes when going on stroll. Mostly when they're still young (lower level). Since you won't be as upset losing a Magikarp and have to breed another all from scratch!

I was glad to see some cameo Pokemon (Though they're not exactly for the good reasons) and support Pokemon (They're normally the mains XD) since it will feel like a Magikarp world more than anything. I reckon they should name Mayor Karp, Professor Karp, given he was the first character to greet you like any other Pokemon games!

The game does get repetitive, I only wish they give some hint on who to unlock all the Magikarp!

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