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Kemono Pokemon Friends!

Brought to you by the Pokemon Company! Figured I should post this one right after the Magikarp one, whilst coming across it on the short long weekend!

Interestingly, there is no Japanese version of this game...?

Hatched (Unlock) your Pokemon friends by completing short activities and puzzle games which features starters and popular Pokemon appearances.


* Feeding - feed the Pokemon with the right berries
* Grooming - Choose the right tool to groom/treat the Pokemon (Similar to the Pokemon Sun/Moon game)
* Puzzle - Match Pokemon to their shadow on the image!
* Star gazing - line up the dots!
* Playground - place Pokemon on the playground
* Musical Choir - Tap the Pokemon in the order as appear on the music sheets
* Picture Book - choose the story and read along


I guess the only downside for me was that I wasn't greeted with a professor, but a trainer. orz It probably make more sense to have Trainer as a narrator as they call Pokemon friends in this game. Though it is debatable that the activities helps us learn more about these Pokemon. It was interesting read in the review section about what could happen to Charmander in water. lol I guess it's very relevant in real life too. There are things that you could match against.

I personally find the game very cute! I love the fact that there were no ads, nor anything needs to be purchased. I also love how detail the various rooms were designed! Not to mention the short story telling that it have!

Recommended game for kids who loves Pokemon, or simply colours!

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genre : Games


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