[Android] Otona no Machigai Sagashi

Spot the difference within the bizarre situation!

Brought to you by Galboa! I love the fact that the word "mistake" have two meaning in this game - difference and wrong doing. xD I guess it's either trending at the moment or the suggestion comes from all those cheating games that I have been playing previously. lol I guess it's a mixture of both. XD

Everyone makes "mistakes". How long do you think that kind of action could be hidden away for? There are alot of danger hidden within our daily life such as affiliation, affair, love triangle relationship, stalkers... find those "differences" within the situation illustrations!

50 (ex) couples surrounding different scenarios! Tap the bottom half of the screen to locate the differences which will be marked with a circle (correct) or a cross (incorrect).


* Watch a short ad to review the hints.
* Rotate your phone in different direction to see the difference that was missed (I personally find that helpful).
* Tap places away from the other circles (correct differences identified). They tend to be away from one another rather than centralised in one item/character.

I find it amazing how they give you a proper story to each scenario of why the picture is drawn this way. XD Plus the fun factor of how ridiculous the changed image is. It gets harder as you play... To the extent that it could just be a missing (thin) line! lol

I hope they do more of these find the differences games since I really like the way the pictures are drawn, regardless of their theme. XD Unfortunately there is no overall ending upon completion, but that's expected from a short game. =w=


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