[Android] KareMin Watashi ga Kare to Nyumin suru Riyuu

Sleeping Assistant!

Brought to you by Wacoal Corp! The company aims to increase awareness and support women's sleep quality through this love simulation game app in line with the international Sleeping Day on September 3.

I'm not surprised that they don't use the actual title from inside the game. XD Nor does anyone thought this to be this type of game too (What I think anyway). lol There are also interesting survey results during the content being downloaded which seems to cover more about the general trend/pattern of what's common or not common.

Initially I thought that it was just a voiced sleeping app, but they made additional content to your normal sleeping app. lol

Read on for more.

Heroine who is lack of sleep due to stress from everyday busy life, went to a Sleep ceremony seminar. There she was chosen as the lucky number 125 in their first seminar chosen to have a lesson with one of the 5 "Nyumin" (Sleep) professional...

Kawahara Asahi (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Yoshida Yuuya (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
Kimura Kei (CV: Eguchi Takuya)
Saya Miyabi (cV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Shinonome Hayato (CV: Suwabe Junichi)


Talk to your trainer where the various activities happens at home (At times when they're at work, you won't be able to talk to them). Choose your "Night up Bra" and your trainer will choose the recommended pajama (that matches it) for your to get ready for "Nyumin". It's pretty much skinship for the bra and the ikemen in the sleeping part. =w=;


You could also do some relaxing colouring through simple taps. Once you reach 100% for the love meter you could continue to talk or simply set up your morning alarm and sleep. The alarm system didn't work for me. They only wake up upon me re opening the app. =w=;


I was surprised that they do work too! That said, you would only be opening during morning and evening. Suppose that way you don't get tired of the game within the 5 days.

I guess the app mostly focus on women who have trouble sleeping because their "busts are not sleeping (resting)". lol I think that explains alot with the skinship part... but probably make even more sense if the characters are Bra Gijinka. Hmmm Let's not go there. lol

There were some surveyed results such as if you do sleeping preparation before bed (going to the toilet, brushing your teeth and change into your pajama), and actually get better sleeps. To sensitive surveyed results as if you feel trouble with your breast when sleeping, if you wear a bra when sleeping or your ideal cup size.

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