[iPhone] DoriMyu Kirameki no Stage He!

Watashi dake Shitteiru Idol tachito no Rokkagetsu

Brought to you by Toyo Institute of Art and Design! What's so special about this one?! It's an indie app brought to you by the students from Toyo! From character design, illustration, game plan, background, 3D, scenarios and system (Basically the whole app) is made by student's hardworks! Not to mention the content is still being updated!
To be honest I didn't quite register all the characters names. lol

Grand Dream is the world's first live theme park that hosts weekly lives competitions for Idol groups. There exists a 6 people newbie idol group could call Sky Hero, who aims to become the number one...

Characters / Sky Hero
Fujimura Taiyou / Sky Red (CV: Hidari Yuu)
Saeki Aoi / Sky Purple (CV: Azumayama Sayuki)
Mamiya Wakana / Sky Green (CV: Kajiura Shuuhei)
Asakura Yougo / Sky Pink (CV: Murayoshi Sanri)
Okuda Seiya / Sky Yellow (CV: Masaoka Naoharu)

Just basic visual novel style, tap and read!


Simple and straight forward! With over 10 thousand words, it was indeed text heavy! XD To be honest, the 2.5D live and vocals were barely noticeable! lol But shouldn't have expected too much from a student app. I just find it interesting most time to see what the others could do that are not from big companies. I mean we all starts from somewhere!

Recommended for those who loves reading, with a few character inserts (Not necessary CGs, but there are some)!

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