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Walking Dead Convention!

Happened over the weekend on 3-4 February 2018 at the Sydney Olympic Park. In fact, it was the same weekend as the RTX convention. Though I have gave up on RTX mostly for the love of Daryl (Norman Reedus) from 8 years running AMC TV series The Walking Dead! 

Though... nothing seems to be good news since Norman's cancellation due to filming plan clash, since then Negan (JD Morgan) who had a baby due. Not to mention there was also Rosita (Christian Serratos) who dropped out and Carl (Chandler Riggs) who could only make it to Sydney (Extreme sad news for Melbourne). All felt like a scheme to squeeze money out of the fans (Myself included). I suppose I shouldn't have expected too much from a overseas con coming to Australia since they lack connections and how things are run here in Australia.

Read on for the short review of the convention!
Day 1
Akimi and I went as last minute volunteers for Sydney Zombie Walk on Day 1. We went by train and was asked where we were going, and spoke to a few fellow fans of the show. >w<

Upon arriving to the venue, I saw the entrance set up which got me even more excited. XD There was a Negan cosplayer that use his bat and hit against the gate too! Though he didn't say the signature line of Negan. Would have been nice on video.

There was supposed to be a Zombie walk onto the stage at 11am but was sadly cancelled out (My guess is that they ran over time with cast arrivals etc). Regardless, we managed to gather back to the booth to at noon to have a group photo taken.

This hand actually reminds me of Saw more. XP

I would have prefer if this was a two doors to make it similar to the door in the show. =w= I want my Don't dead, Open inside door. lol

I love all the setup for photos there at the venue.


My first Zombie makeup ever thanks to the help of Akimi! Also first time wearing colour contacts! XD

Other than the set up, there is the Walking Dead arcade machine (which I've played previously at Supanova last year) and a pin ball machine are both free to play.

Pin Ball Machine! I love the little details to the zombies decorations on the machine.

Akimi and I had a check out of the cosplay competition rules since we were told to enter due to the lack of cosplayers on the floor. In deed, there was more heroes than walkers (zombies). It was interesting how they change the prizes for the cosplay competition. Noting particularly the "Upgrade" for a VIP pass for Sunday entry was originally VIP pass for next event (year), probably just means this was the first and last Walker Stalker convention in Australia!

Apart from the panels which lasted forever, before we headed off, we saw the video message from JD Morgan himself being played on stage! I was pretty distracted / emotional then hence I didn't bother taking a photo of the video that was shown on the screens of the stage.

Day 2
I went as a normal attendee with another friend Rachel and we are both fan of the show! We enjoyed all the panels alot! I was relatively disappointed that there were no other video message from other casts (I feel sad for those who only went on Sunday) or even a replay of yesterday's message. I guess they just assume fans would go Saturday or the weekend!

Picture of one of the Panel we sat through. It was surprisingly entertaining. XD

The Escape the Biters booth is probably the most popular and probably the most profitable booth for the whole convention (Apart from the Photo ops of course). I played it after having seen the video clip of the cast playing it. Mind you, it was never in my interest to play any of the haunt house rooms, but I still did it with Rachel. But never again! T^T I held on to Rachel all the way and every time I let out a cry she would clap and applause the people dressed as zombie. lol

For this convention, you need money - in fact, alot of money - in order to enjoy the full convention since nothing is free. Which I understand as with most conventions they need to cover the costs and all. But not when the main guest that they failed to remove the advertisement for were all dropped out. If you're happy with just watching panels for the entry of $80/day which is what Supanova normally do, then you don't need to buy photo ticket!

I only received the refunds for the photo ops with Daryl and Negan, however the additional photo purchased was not refunded. I supposed there were too many cancellation. And I only managed to find out after the convention - NOTE, the refund was refunded to me during the convention at which I had no time to check whether it was the full balance. Regardless, after following up, I got it refunded. So do check those numbers if you had purchased ticket but was cancelled like mine. =3=

I guess the overall conclusion was not to expect too much from an overseas convention, or a first time convention in the country. For these type of convention, it might be wise to just purchase tickets on the day, since I realised there is actually no discount for buying the tickets in advance. Not to mention the hidden discounts that are available on the last day of the convention (It was expected though)! Ironically, I felt more alive when I was dressed up as a zombie than I was as a normal person on Sunday!


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