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Classical Danshi ni Yoru Sagyou Shuuchuu Timer!

Brought to you by Sugiya! Turning famous classical music pieces into characters called Classical Boys! Not so much a game this time but a timer itself! Though... this one is slightly different since you will have the classical music playing as your background music (BGM) with the aim to increase your productivity!

EDIT: 01/03/2018 By the time I finally update the backlog, they have further updated their app so I have to update my post too despite only posted it yesterday. lol
I wish there was a cover screen for this. lol Well, there is a loading screen but not quite a cover image with a title... EDIT: 01/03/2018 My wish have been answered! lol They did a major update and have updated with a cover!!!

set in the world that have lost music since the God of Music - Muse - is dead, and the tune that heals the world is now disturbed by attacking people in music forms. You who possess the power as a Conductor summons the classical music as warrirors to defend the world...

Pick your musical boy

Canon = Pachelbel
Noin = Symphony = Beethoven
Eine = Kleine = Nachtmusik
Primavera = Vivaldi
Gymnopédie = Satie
Ryunu = Bergamasque = Debussy
Haru no Umi

You're the conductor who helps them to regain power by concentrating on work, study, etc. Simply set the Classical boy and timer and start your focus session! During this time you could not do anything else on your phone except listening to the classical music as the Background music or just tap on the character to chat!

They do change pose from time to time.

Upon times up, you get a notification sound and you get praised by the Classical boy! Not to mention you will unlock a new episode (Up to 45 episodes)! The longer the concentration time, the higher the melody points you get!

5mins = 10 points (Lowest)
10mins = 20 points
30mins = 60 points
120 mins = 240 points (Maximum)

So I've tested the formula for the melody points, which is pretty much 2 melody points per minute!

EDIT: 01/03/2018 Also the shortest duration is now 3 minutes! I suppose that is for cup noodles!

* Must be connected to the internet in order to play!
* Login 7 days to get bonus.
* Share on Twitter to obtain more melody points!
* Don't forget to unlock characters (30 melody points each)! These will be the first things you want to unlock because you get your range of BGM to choose from after.
* Unlock episodes (40 melody points/1st episode, 80 melody points/ 2nd episode, 140 melody points/ 3rd episode... etc)! I would probably recommend doing your favourite character episodes first since you'll get the character specific timer!! But the more episodes you unlock the more bonus you get too. Hmm... =w=
* The higher your relationship, they will change in their outfit!
* Don't break your concentration effort, since you don't get your hard earned amounts. So endure!!!
* Follow their twitter for more of the Classical boys' interactions in manga form!

The highlight to this one is probably the lack of ads despite the need to connect it to the internet! XD I suppose they couldn't include ads because it will disturb the concentration when it automatically runs the ad? The music does loop for like eternity so I guess they are pretty good BGMs!?

I think the best way to complete the story is to leave it on during movies, meals, sleeps (Remember to mute or pause it of course)! This is probably the worst houchi game that I come across, takes much longer and battery (not to mention wifi/data) to complete too! Unfortunately it doesn't go beyond 2 hours if you were to put it on before you sleep. But hey, it does the trick - that you're not allow to touch your phone until the time finishes! On a side note, you gonna hate those who call you in between your long concentration efforts. XD

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