[NDS] Gyakuten Keiji 2 Case 5

My play history of Gyakuten Keiji 2 [Part 2]

At last! I finished the game!!! (Before I do my exam too. orz)

Took me abit of time to finish this case since this person refuses to be charged with guilty. >O

Gyakuten Keiji 2
My play history of Gyakuten Keiji 2 [Part 1]

Case 5

* YAY PHEONIX & MAYA DO APPEAR IN THE GAME! <333 (Despite being in the background, it was good enough for me XD)

* Do the maths! If "she" is 26... and "he" is 13... then she would have given birth at the age of 13!?

* Rou's case SS-5 from 12 years ago... if he is 27 now, then he'll be 15 years old then!? I want to see how he looks when he was younger... >w<

* Cross over with all the previous Cases! Awesome! And plus special event CGs! <3

* Ichiyanagi Yumihiko! I totally change my thoughts about you after this case! Well done!

* Shimon is so cute! Bag full of milk cartons! XD

* 13 people at one single location!? That's a record!

* Court system seems to be lost in this game. To sum up, there isn't really winner or loser as they all work together to reveal the truth - or to charge this person guilty. lol

* Lesson learn from this case: Don't mess with Animals! XD

Ending CG
I quite like the badges looking like giant flowers in the background...

My thoughts on the ending:
To sum up the whole game - Father complex (by many of the characters XD), their way of life / motto and the roles of Attorney and Prosecutor (which both ultimately leads to "seeking of the truth" and to protect/help people)! I reckon this could actually turn into a movie! It would probably 3 hours long though. :P

New favourite character Ichiyanagi Yumihiko! <3 I really find him cute for trying his best to get the approval from his extremely strict father despite never really getting the father's approval (love) in return. (Don't ask me about the mother, as I've mention before this game consist of heavy father complex! XD) Makes me wanna cry! ;A; Not only that, having another 17 year old character just makes it so right to pair him with Mikumo! <3 There's hint here and there. lol *fangirling*

For some strange reason I think this would be the end of Gyakuten Kenji, because the ending was pretty much an ending... and that Edgeworth is no longer feels lost/sorrow regarding his dad's death and all.

They will leave room for your imagination about what happens later as usual...

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