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Brought to you by P3-Peace Creative group! It is an old app, but I only came across is recently with a short article that talks about some of the bizzare otome games. lol Uma no Prince sama (See my post here) and Gorilla Kareshi (See my post here) were the other two mentioned title which I have already played, so I figured why don't I give this one a go too just for some good laughs. XD
Don't be mislead by the cover, this is actually your classmate Myukusu!

You are the new transfer student admitted into Nyuru Nyuru Academy, where students takes the form of mysterious soft slimy creatures! Regardless, you want to debut in your new school life here at Nyuru Nyuru Academy. Just when you want to greet your neighbouring classmate, but Myukusu beats you to it and (nick)named you Fusae...!


Love the fact that they have to specific if they were male or female on their character profile on their website.


Gameplay is simple. Tap on the map to choose one action/event/location to read the story. You're limited to one per game day. To get happy end, to be confessed by the route at the Legendary Mushroom (Inside the gym) by the time limit of 30 days.There is a total of 16 CGs, with one ending for each route, normal end, harem end (?) and a surprise end!

You could also increase the heroine's status at various location where there is no event. Your status remains throughout the next game play, so the more you play, the easier it gets! But be warned, the higher your level the higher the Karma too... The maximum status points is up to 666!

* You could also hold your tap on the screen to fast track the story. Recommended for second round gameplay.

The game could be finished within 1-2 hours with all CGs unlocked. The vibe kind of reminds me of Ejikoi (See my post here http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-281.html) where your target isn't human. lol Only this time you get creatures that you're likely to see from Kiseijuu, but not that I watch them anyway. I get the feeling that guys will enjoy this game alot more, mostly because of the CGs. lol I was actually surprised that the characters are made to move (as expected from the title Nyuru Nyuru)! To add to the surprise it was ad free! XD

This I can't. lol

Though to be honest, I couldn't get into it and it made the story abit less enjoyable. lol If this gameplay isn't the right one for you, or you simply have grown an addiction for these characters, they also have a spin off houchi game Nyuru Nyuru My Star EX which features the very same characters in chibi form or go on to their website for the Omake where you could skinship with the characters...! lol Perhaps this is where the R-18 part of the game come into play (The CGs were all safe to my standards? lol)...

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