[Cosplay] AFA Singapore Day 2-3

@ Suntec Convention Center

Held on the weekend that passed 24-26 November 2017 at Singapore! (I figured the more I want to write the longer it takes hence I'm posting this regardless! lol) It's been a while since I traveled overseas for an convention and I must say there are so many great things about this convention!

As you could see, I have been quite out of writing anymore posts... but things should get better when it's holiday...! Eventhough I just went to one, but we made it pretty tight in terms of timing. XD

Trigger Easter Bunny version
Gaku @ Kaya
Ryu @ Akimi
Tenn @ Nabari

Persona dancing series
Persona 5 protag @ Haruki
Persona 3 protag (aka fashionable Minato) @ Nabari

Read on for more!
Day 1 Friday
We didn't go because of the tight schedule we committed to, and decided to go to Lunarworks studio for a photoshoot instead. We managed to explore all the rooms as everyone went to AFA (my guess). It was good in a way as it gives us some time to fix anything we didn't like for the actual wearing for AFASG Day 2!

Photoshoot with Kinako and Tenn Ousama Pudding!

Day 2 Saturday
I headed to Akimi and Kaya's place to get ready in the morning. Somehow managed to get bitten by mosquitos along the minimal bushes. =w=+ Regardless, we fixed all flaws and safety pinned alot of the loose bits on the costume before we headed off to AFA venue via Uber.

Since we weren't there when it was started, I felt totally lost as to where to go. lol First we bought tickets and then went up the escalator where majority of the cosplayers are. Then up the escalator again to the exhibition hall because I have been eyeing on a few things from the artist tables since the beginning of the trip!! Whilst heading over to the artist tables, I can't help but think it looks like Supanova. lol We bump into two group of Idolish7 cosplayers, which we fangirled for almost half an hour. Due to the gloves for the cosplay, I was quite reluctant to use my phone. XP But I'm sure the others have photos I could retrieve online since I got all their cos cards!

Despite making the effort to go to creator's hub (Artist tables) first thing upon arrival. Majority of the things I wanted were already sold out! I guess it great thing to know that artists are well appreciated at Singapore! The last table (Actually they're the first table in terms of numbering CH01: Redsake) I visited was the one that I have been wanting to go since last year despite not being in Singapore then. lol We each managed to get the character we were cosplaying as from Idolish7 and I had a very brief greet with the artist Mints (Despite having drooling over her Idolish7 chibi sets).

When Akimi and Kaya decided to go outside to mingle with the other cosplayers, I've decided to go back inside to meet up with Haruki and Kurako. Surprisingly, I had to have my bag checked again. orz I think they should just put the bag check area around the entrance, but anyway. Going back into the hall we did the freebie photos at NHK Japan with Domo, artist table and blind boxes! When we returned to the artist table when it was less congested, I braved up and asked the artist Mints if she had stock of Trigger group from last year. She said she'll check tonight and she'll bring them in tomorrow. I had abit of a chat with the artist which pretty much made my day!!!

The food range is more Japanese compared to what we have in Sydney. XD With Curry, ramen and onigiris. We resorted to just the Onigiri since the queues seems crazy, and we didn't want to walk in and out of the venue. lol When we head back to more blind boxes, I was asked for a photo... although I don't believe the guy know what series I was cosplaying from. I also notice that people in Singapore that ask for photos are generally asking for selfie, rather than photo of you. lol

I was relatively please to learn that Luanarworks didn't make a replica of their existing room, instead, build a new one. I must say I love the pastel colour room alot.

This was probably the only group photo that I had! XD

Day 3 Sunday
Seiyuu event!

Since we bought the exhibition + panel ticket for Sunday, the first thing we went was the Seiyuu event! Actually, it wasn't entirely true since I went to visit my favourite artist there, Mints! XD And she so nice that I managed to fan girl her abit. I hope she didn't regret giving me the Tsumugi and Banri keychain!

Back on the topic, I must say the seiyuu panel is much better than the ones I have we have in Australia! XD Suppose because the seiyuu guests were Kakihara Tetsuya and Toyonaga Toshiyuki! Though it focused alot on B-Project than anything else. I'm sad to say I haven't been kept up to date with B-Project. orz

It wasn't until this day that we did explore the second lot of the photobooth setups. Although saying that I choose not to upload the other settings. XD I do have a thing for pastel colours! I may have ignored the fact that there were cosplay guests since we didn't go to their panels. Though we did come across them during the photo booth when they have fan meet and photo?

We went back to the room after the guest left. So glad that they took a portrait for us! Landscape somehow wasn't right.

On a side note, I must say I was surprised that there were people that recognise me as the fashionable Minato from Persona 3! From the photo booth, artist tables to outside the venue!

Ikemen series Kabedon corner!

I had been looking at the queue on Day 2 for the Ikemen series and we ended up queueing in line today. Special thanks to Haruki for taking a video of the Kabedon...! XD I would have wished that I was in a girl cosplay instead of a guy cosplay, since it still feels abit weird visually. Though saying that Hiroto looks more like a girl than me so I guess it was alright. haha

We went back to the stage to see Miki Shinichiro for the Gundam 00 panel... to find out they gave away a signed Gundam figure! Not that we got it but it was still good!

We didn't managed to see the Ani Song panel, since the free Ani Song panel was filled up sooner than what I expected (Even before the start of it). Actually, I shouldn't surprised given the popularity of having 3 days concert. As artists goods and merchandise were sold out already, we left earlier than day 2.

* Cosplayers occupied at a floor where (I believe), there wasn't a real need to pay for entry fees if you're a photographer that only wants to take photos of cosplayers.
* Multiple photo booths setups with each person gets to take away a photo too! That is more generous than the ones we have in Australia! XP
* Relatively inexpensive entry compared to Australia conventions (Exclude entry to the concert).

* Limited food stores within the venue.
* Bag checks whenever you have gone out (To lunch).
* You get stamped upon going out and you still have to go through the bags check!

theme : Cosplay
genre : Anime/Manga


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