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Secret SMS Talk

Brought to you by Sakuragate! This is the third release of their game that have the same gameplay as Naisho de futamata (See my post here) and Kindan no Futamata (See my post here)! Interesting change (slightly) to the title of the Futamata series (Just the ordering of word).

Again nothing change but characters and scenarios!
I hate it when the cover on the iPad is generally cut off. lol

Due to a certain incident, you were admitted into the hospital two days again. You lost your memories and before you were 3 doctors. The chief of the department Oomori Sensei decided that you keep in touch via SMS with the two doctors in charge, Takanashi Sensei and Nikaido Sensei...

Takanashi Hayato
Nikaido Aoi

As usual, only the top two are our playable routes. lol The other two acts more like support by giving you tips and stickers (provided you watch an ad). There's another PR character in there that's not in the contact list! lol Since we're talking about marriage in this one, the PR characters are more grown up than the last one! XD

First message from the more outgoing Hayato.

SNS chat style where you get to reply with the 3 different options. This time you need to earn your first sticker (via watching a short ad) which allows you to get a instant response instead of waiting if you have chosen the wrong answer as shown as a blue heart. There are a total of 23 chapters, some are joint and some are character exclusive.

* If stuck, you could press reset conversation in the settings.
* Don't talk about the other character in the other characters' messages conversation.

Surely they're smart enough to figure out (At least they figured out that they're love rivals)! XD Particularly when they're both doctors! I find it funny how the place they choose to make out is also at the hospital. =w=; Not to mention that as much as I like the looks of Hayato, his panda tie does make me rethink if he actually look after younger patients (Sometimes he even looks at you with puppy eyes). If I was to choose a proper doctor I would probably have chosen Aoi even though he was the vice doctor in charge of you. lol

There is definitely more story in this one than the ones in the past since they have up to 23 chapters of story that happened between those texting, where you learn more about them. Suppose it's only right otherwise they'll soon run out of topics to talk about if they don't check meet up regularly. XD

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