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Escape the Wolf Game!

Brought to you by Studio Wasabi (Released as Kousuke Wakayama n iTune) who brought you their other popular title Usotsuki Game (See my post here). I was looking forward to this game alot since I saw it released! Hence I had to finish this game (and the post) before the others! XD

Read on if you like their first game or Danganronpa!
I just realised this picture doesn't have everyone, just the good looking one I guess. XD

A mysterious building which 12 people gather wakes up and are forced to play the "Wolf game" because of the device that was installed to their nerve on their back. There you choose a card to split the group into roles of wolf and sheep. Find the wolf before the Wolf's judgement within 12 hours of the first death of a sheep victim. Choose the card which is important to your life! Last fews that survive the wolf game until the very end will get the key to escape and the truth behind the wolf game...

Mori Misaki
Takayama Maki
Aramura Kou
Kamiki Ritsu
Handa Rintarou
Kojima Takeo
Komiya Chie
Douya Takuya
Nagai Osamu
Kaido Miho
Komemori Satoru

Sub characters

Map with alot of rooms!

Tap on the screen and tap either chat or investigate. You could retrieve important evidence or gather information that could assist you in pointing out the "wolf" during the Wolf's judgement!

During the wolf's judgement, you have up to 3 chances for incorrect assumptions and then you're out! But you could reduce the misses via watching a short ad. lol Upon finishing the game you would get the normal end unless you had perfect score.

* Tap on anything that stands out from the setting. Note, items may change description after progressing further into the story, or when characters moves around.
* Try to keep a perfect score in order to watch the true end!

I'm relatively surprised that they highly encourage people who do walkthrough videos to review it! Now that you don't see everyday. I also love how they introduced the new gameplay where you escape from the Wolf, and that was exciting. lol They even shuffle the options too in case you replay too many times (obviously I managed to choose the wrong answer all the time XD), but the general gameplay is like novel style and was a one off (Well it was good enough for me to write something about it).

The game reminds me of a similar card game that I played with my friends few years ago, where there is one person as the judge who knows all the cards that people got. Everyone have a chance to talk and make comment as to who they think the wolf is, and then the wolf would kill off the sheep every turn ("Night") until the wolf is identified (killed). It could get more complicated when you add in the healer, but I won't go there because this game doesn't have one. lol To be honest it was scary to play it in person when you have to lie (I was so bad I was fully shaking lol), but it's actually even more scary in this game when you see the characters do literally get killed off. orz

*Spoiler alert*
I was relatively surprised to see more than one wolf exist, but thought perhaps because the wrong person was picked and then the wolf from the previous round would carry forward. Though saying that it's not true because Rintarou was actually the Wolf in that round!

To be honest, I didn't think some of the characters last that long, but they did. lol Looks like the older they were the more guilty they're deemed as. In the true ending, you need to obtain the photo in the mysterious living room (last room reviewed) in order to unlock the do not shoot Rintarou option. And there you will see that Misaki was still alive (I kind of knew she would be one of the main characters - romance route lol - hence when she entered the judgement I was relatively surprised)! Not to mention that I was relatively surprised with the looks of our protag - Yukinari (So trendy lol) which is only seen upon the true end is unlocked. Though I must say that Rintarou seems to have dominate the game as the main character of the story (their story) more than our protag. lol Despite the reason behind the wolf game is told... but there was no mentioned how they did all the judgement or the room set up and all. XD
*Spoiler Ends*

I think the only thing I didn't like was that you have to start all over again to get to the True end. Though you could purchase the special side stories, fanbook, unlock all true end and even message voice! As much as I want to see them, I still stick to my principle of free games to remain free. lol It should be noted that someone did a walkthrough with the side stories so...

You'll be glad to know that they will have a sequel - Eve Project (Temporary title) - with the same characters (Just seeing all those fanarts on Twitter must have made them wanting to keep them, and hey you save on character design costs! lol) but different character background stories and settings!


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