[Cosplay] Mezzo Koi no Kakera + Manager

Koi no Kakera Behind the Scene Shoot

It's a been a while since I've been involved in a private shoot. I was called upon to assist the shoot since I had the makeup help by Akimi for the Stalker Walker Sydney Convention just a week before this shoot. I was supposed to be there to assist then I somehow casually fall part of the shoot which I didn't expect. lol I thought I had something similar for Aya previously, but ended up doing Tsumugi with a lolita wig... well it all worked out the end since I'm just a cameo for some Koi no Kakera Behind the Scene shots.

Idolish 7 - Mezzo
Tamaki Koi no Kakera Ver @ Akimi
Sogo Koi no Kakera Ver @ Kaya
Tsumugi Anime suit Ver @ Nabari
Photog @ Bambi

Read on for Behind the Scene photo spam!
We started later than the original plan since it was hot, plus our photog Bambi was running late. Well it's really that we're very laid back for the shoot. lol

We set up the hearts on the wall for the shot, the bedsheet on the floor and tested the lighting with the Ousama Puddings!

The made believe that Tsumugi was the photog for the Mezzo Koi no Kakera cover. XP

Idol abuse captured. Didn't show my hard work when I was on the chair throwing petals!

I was relatively sad to be holding Ousama Pudding instead of Kinako. XP But well... free props (And I can't afford to have anymore plushie at home for cosplay lol)!!! We changed over for Kaya and Akimi to throw the petals, but there were alot of photos of the petals that covered our faces. This is one of them. XD

Thanks Bambi for the Behind the Scene shots! Even though there is only one for each action, it meant alot to me! I think I would probably be sad if I did the full outfit cosplay and not have a single picture.

lol I lied, I did take alot of selfies when I wasn't needed (Thank god for light stands). XD

First I had abit of finger strain from the hearts cutting (Mind you, we had more than enough hearts to throw for 10+ shots before reloading XD), then I had arm strain the next day. lol No one said it was easy to be manager (Nor the photog or cosplayers XD)!

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