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Kira Kira Show Restuarant

Brought to you by the A project seiyuu Tsuda Kenjiro x Otomate! Have read about it on Dengeki Girls Style previously, only played it because Tsuda Kenjirou was involved!

The character design are done by Shikisaku team that is known for the Hakuouki Series graphics...! To be honest, I would much prefer if it was Kazuki Yone herself (which won't happen anymore since she moved on to Broccoli). orz I would still play it regardless for Tsuda! XD
Choose your starter! lol Generic colours for trio groups. XD

You seems to have failed with every job that you come across but as if guided by the moon, you were forced to work at the show pub with the aim of 1 million yen sales! Not to mentioned that you'll be making the costume for the 3 ikemen that have a hidden past...

Hyuga Itsuki (CV: Namikawa Daisuke)
Kabei Yuzu (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
Sakuma shuu (CV: Hatano Wataru)
Support Characters
Enomoto Natsu (CV: Fujiwara Yuki)
Kiritani Akihito (CV: Tsuda Kenjirou)
Orange (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro)


Show restaurant involves cooking and servicing food to customers whilst running a 5 minutes performance. Collect ingredients, recipes, avatar clothing and interior decoration items! Not to mention character cards that activate special skills during the performance which helps reduce time spent on making (waiting for) the ingredients!

Your utlimate goal...!

Story is unlocked upon love meter increases or as you leveled up. Unlike other games, the story is fully voiced except for the short stories!

The VR function is cute but doesn't do much, except makes you feel like you've turned chibi and become part of the scene. XD

* Add friends! Here's my id: kquaipn
* Read the story to earn your gem!
* Utilise the skills of the cards and makes heaps of the same ingredients.
* Don't forget to collect your gifts.
* Burn those gem for Gacha for special skill cards that is activated during the 5 minutes performances! Though you may also increase the ingredients preparationg listing for the long duration ingredients (When you put the game aside overnight) - this is required because they only allow you to have one of a kind of the cooking tools/benches!
* Buy tables and chairs to increase the amount of customers choices! Not to mention this actually slows down the app too. =w=;
* Try to make all the dishes that have star ratings to be filled as they may give you new ingredients or new recipes!
* The maximum number of ingredients and dish is 99! How do I know...? Because I already reached it! orz
* Make those coffees to level up sooner!

This got to be the most busiest restaurant game that I have every played. I thought Hana Yori Chef (So slow that I didn't end up typing it even though I still have the save data and do play it on and off) gameplay was bad! You have to pick you ingredient and put them into the making box, then pick up the ingredients then pick your dish and cook them (I'm thankful that there's no waiting time otherwise I probably would have smashed the screen lol), pick your customer and give them what they want! orz Thank god for super patience customers who never leaves until you give them what they want! lol

It's actually quite addictive first up and causing me to get RSI. XD I had to stop making things because the skills shortened the ingredient making to just 1 seconds. lol I wish they allow slide to pick up all the ingredients. I was surprised when I saw people on level 50+ already, since I'm only on level 23 now. Their arms must be broken by now. lol

Since I played early for this one, I was able to experience the inability to move furniture. lol I thought I was doomed to place the thing in the way forever and destroy the whole look of the show restaurant, but characters managed to walk pass it anyway.

I must say I heavily compared it to Tokimeki Restaurant (See my post here) aka Tokires since I still play it! XD I haven't quite got a favourite yet for this one (I'm relatively surprised myself I didn't pick Akihito which is voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou himself! lol), but if I was to pick I guess Natsu? XD I actually pity Natsu for running the whole kitchen all by himself, while I see flying knives and ingredients between his running between benches! I guess it's not quite the same when the kitchen is separated from the bar counter / dining areas unlike Tokires. We have also yet to learn about Orange, I'm still on the early stage of the game at 20+ level, but to be honest I don't visually have an interest in his route if there is one. XD

The short stories didn't make too much sense to me (Trust me, it's VERY short and not voiced), and not to mention the actual routes... wasn't entirely dokidoki all the way, but more like character background story and actually some do overlaps between characters! Though I must say though I'm impressed with the amount of voiced sentences contrasted to Tokires. XD The song Naked Moon Light also runs in the background non stop (I just run the performance too regularly I guess lol) unlike Tokires which have a peaceful tune. lol

On a side note, the avatar clothing for player is ridiculously expensive! lol I notice there was a hair style that reminds me of heroine in Tokires. XD I'm sure there're alot of other things I could compare it to Tokires, but I guess I have yet to explore them... because I'm pretty occupied with just making the ingredients! orz

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