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Morning Make Systemi

Brought to you by Hexadrive Inc! It's been a while since I last come across a new voiced alarm app (If you exclude Ave Classic which only have the timer function, see my post here)! I honestly think the trend wasn't there anymore with all the fit bit and all, but more with rhythm games nowadays, but I might be mistaken. lol

Read on for more.
The cover makes it more like an application.

Thank you very much for the interest in the "Morning make system". I will explain the concierge which is installed in this application. Our concierge 'sei' basic function is an alarm clock, but it is also possible to have a communication. While accumulating data, you will be backing up your lives with full power.

The original Sei comes in white hair, but personally I prefer black. XD

Apart from the various normal functions including alarm, calendar, memo, you also get to interact your one and only character Sei! You could take photo with Sei, view photos in the album (store up to 99 photos), and customise your character via accessories purchase with in game tickets!

There is also the skinship mode but both hands makes it look funny. Feels more like high five. XD

* Share daily to receive two tickets!
* Earned tickets in the gacha by watching short ads. There is no guarantee you'll get the ticket prices, but you could always try and try. Took me 20+ try to get second grade, but it's free anyway. lol
* Remember to study every 3 hours.
* Personally I think it's cheaper to buy the set! XD But you could always work out what you want since set ranges are limited.

I'm not entirely the type to keep track of calendar and memo, hence the function is redundant for me. As much as I want to see where it could lead me, I think it takes too long to fully customise the character, not to mention for Sei to learn to be more like human (having different expressions). XD

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