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Finding Mystic Thief X

Brought to you by Days7! I always look forward to their translated titles (Sadly I don't know Korean language. orz) mostly because of the artworks! XD The game play is similar to that of A+ Danshi ni Kakomarete (See my post here) and Hatsukoi wa Mahoutsukai no Onichan (I never ended up completing it since it got too much lol) but not Sleeping Delivery (See my post here) - I would imagine it would costs alot more for voiced lines. lol

Read on for my backlog (without spoiler since it was written before I finish)...
I feel that it is better for the title to be on the top right hand corner. XD

Heroine is a 16 year old Detective who resides in St. Deisevenne Ville with her assistant Martin. She always receive the fore notice from the Mystic Thief X who she vows to catch but always fail. On the night that Mystic Thief X stole the second hand of the clock tower, he also stolen her first kiss! Upon looking for Mystic Thief X, she came across 3 suspects...

Mystic Thief X

Pick one of the suspect (route) to continue (Mystic Thief X is unlockable upon finishing all routes)! You could change between routes during the play (Up until the Halloween event) but I choose to stick with individual routes after another.

I like it how this time, the CGs are unlocked and saved upon as you go!

* Login daily to receive 300 coins!
* Watch up to 5 short ads daily through instant charging! Each ad gives you 300 points! (Replenish daily)!
* Follow on Facebook for 300 coins!
* Follow on Twitter for 300 coins!
* Earn coins by doing activities listed in the free charging station! Do so at your own risks. Personally I prefer just watching short ads!

It's abit hard to guess which one is the real Mystic Thief X first up, since all the characters loves heroine! lol But I must admit our heroine is very cute indeed! I also love the nice little touch on the name for St. Deisevenne (Day7). lol


Jeremy's appearance looks like Sogo from Idolish 7. lol Without reading much into the character profile, I started off with Jeremy since he was the first option. Follow by Sean and then walter.

Note, you get stuck unless you have enough coins to get a Halloween costume! So keep watching those ads and one day you could just read through the story in one go! One could finish the full stories without paying! So persistence paids off. lol

I secretly suspect that Martin is actually the Mystic Thief X (His hair looks like a wig...), which I have yet to find out if my guess is correct! lol Regardless, it's a game that's worth while playing!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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