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Dame Otoko Kaibi Game

Released by Studio Wasabi! You may remember my post on their escape room games such as  Usotsuki Game (See my post here) and more recently Ookami Game (See my post here)! Funny enough, I actually started played this game prior to the mentioned game. So you could tell how much more I prefer escape room type games over cheating games. lol

This one have similar concept as other Cheating games. Except you have the same heroine going through all the Dame Otoko (RIP)! Unfortunately they didn't do a English release but interestingly they also have a chinese and korean version of the game on googleplay!
There isn't really a cover hence I just use the first screen that you see upon relaunching the app! XD

When going through everyday's life between work and life, Aoi have become 27 years old. Upon majority of her friends getting married, she started to panic and installed the Meet up app in the hope to find the right person!

Takazaki Atsushi is one of the character yet to be unlocked for me. orz

Shinjou Masashi
Suda Yuuki
Kamei Shingo
Murakami Yuusuke
Shinohara Ryouta
Ogata Seiya
Kimura Soujirou

Basic gameplay not only includes talking to the opponent via SNS and replying with one of the 3 options available. But also searching for evidence through photos, magazines and SNS!


Upon choosing different answers in the conversation, the love meter will affect the route. The ending varies between exposing their lies or achieve a happy end. To be honest, I don't really see them as happy end since they all have something that they're hiding from you.

* Although it could get time consuming, but you could watch ad to achieve perfect result!
* If you intend to complete it fully, you could consider using the character guide online, and simply resetting the game in the character profile. Mind you, not all the routes are online... suppose others have lost interests too?

To be honest, this reminds me of Voltage's Doubt Usotsuki Otoko wa Dare? (See my post here), only simplified (It takes less data/download! XD), and it allows you to go through various routes simultaneously!

I love the little touch of all the research material that is lying around the bedroom and the living room! You have the diary, magazine, SNS, calendar, laptop for online search and your very own profile. XD I went through all the route but never end up finishing it to unlock the last character (If Atsushi is the one lol)!

theme : Otome Game
genre : Games


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