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Brought to you by Aoisakura, known for their previous title Watashi no Kare wa Shindeiru My Favorite Days, but it's no longer available on the app store (I did get to play it previously though, just never went through and make a post on it since it was quite story heavy!). As expected, the artist have a thing for military outfits (And I too lol) hence all the releases generally involves a different period.

Read on for short post!

You are born in a peaceful country, but one day, you were chosen as the special psychotherapist of Confidential Research Institute C.U.R.E.. For years the country have been in the war with the neighbouring country, the AI of the genius scientist Dr Sins who passed away - Re:SINS - choose you to conduct therapy to the soldiers who are injured in the heart through communication and nurture trust. Collect lost memory fragments Soul Petal and reveal the soldier's hidden past and uncover the big mystery of war...

Tororoki (CV: Shun)
Reily (CV: Naruzawa Daisuke)


The Connect Affection System involves:
Talk is general chat or special chat when there's special events or at different time of the day.
Call involves you manually typing in some keywords that could trigger reaction. There's a list of sample words on their website which you could consider.
Touch is pretty much skinship, this is also to see their reactions.
Play involves Janken (Rock Paper Scissors) and a character unique mini game.

Play seasonally and you'll get special conversations!

It is available on PC though I would recommend playing it on your phone. Although saying that, I've only ever replayed it for the Janken and then lost interest. lol The characters doesn't really look like they have any emotional issues from the said "war" in my opinion, in fact, they're pretty lively to my standard. XD Tororoki is pretty cute, since he's a tsundere. XD

Personally I prefer the gameplay in Watashi no Kare wa Shindeiru since it had more story too but as mentioned previously they have already removed it off the app store. Nevertheless, they have a new novel game called Tetsugoushi no Ouse Tryst of Prison which I would recommend trying! Although I have yet to play it myself, but reading the review I guess it would be worthwhile!

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