[Movie] Gyakuten Saiban

Objection overruled! Gyakuten Saiban Movie!

At first, I thought this wasn't gonna work... despite having abit of interest after watching Hiroki Narimiya in Yankee kun to Megane Chan.

Ryuichi Naruhodo (Phoenix Wright) @ Hiroki Narimiya
Mayo Ayasato (Miles Edgeworth) @ Takumi Saito
Reiji Mitsurugi (Maya Fey) @ Mirei Kiritani

Until I saw this today...

This picture is not the best one... and being picky... I think:
*Not enough spikes! orz
*Suit isn't bright blue enough!
*What's with the stripe on his tie... oAo

With the enormous increase in crime rate in 20XX, Japan adopted a new court system where Attorney and Prosecutor will directly confront each other and decide the fate of the guilty/innocent within 3 days time.

In order to come to judgment within the time limit, speed is in preference to evidences and scientific proofs. Here our hero, Ryuichi Naruhodo is a rookie Attorney with a heart filled with sense of justice and trust in his client, meets his biggest rival whose known as the "genius" young prosecutor Reiji Mitsurugi!

It's a wonder what sort of character are they giving Pheonix... being idiot from time to time by getting the wrong evidence or objecting the wrong line? Will there be Mia?! Because I don't think Maya could just jump into the movie without her coming in!

I wonder... if the props and costuming are now being done by cosplayers who are in the profession...? XD Since it seem like real life drama / movies are getting closer and closer to the original characters! Producer must be taking in the criticisms of the general anime/manga/game market regarding other series. *nod*

Can't wait until 11th Feb 2012! Well... it'll probably be alot later than that for us. orz But if this movie is successful, I think there will be a series of movies being released... *wishful thinking*

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