[Escape Room] BMW X-Cape

Find the twin moon!

It's been a short while that I've been asked to join the group's escape room... not to mention I was the extended invite. lol This one was a limited time Escape Room host by VICE x BMW X2 x X-Cape at the Sydney Opera House Underground Carpark Cave during April 5, 6, and 7! This mark my 6th escape room, or second 30 minutes escape room experience!

Read on for thoughts... unlike the other times, this time I actually have some photos to share since they said if you're stuck, you could post on instagram and ask people for help. We didn't need to resort to that option, but it did give me a good chance to take some photos. XD I did regret not having a proper camera since it's dim lighting inside.

I arrived earlier than the group and notice one of the staff that was standing in front of the carpark entrance with a white lab coat like jacket. When he turned around I saw the word X-Cape and I knew I was at the right place. XD The group and I arrived earlier than the actual time, we followed one of the X-Cape staff through the hidden passage towards the waiting area.


We chilled and have a complimentary cold drink. Though in the end we realised the drink may have been better after the escape since it is humid inside Opera House underground. Whilst waiting to be taking to the rooms, they have 2 different puzzles on the table. When we got bored from waiting, I went to the staff and asked if we got the right answer, but surprisingly they don't know the answer and I was given the third puzzle. lol

When we finally get to go in, we sat down to have a briefing. It was interesting because the staff that initiated the introduction record was dressed up like the guardian of the ruins to find X2, Xanthos, the twin moon of earth. XD

The introduction was played through the records which was interesting, but abit slow. lol There wasn't additional information to take note of hence I could see the others looks bored. When the record finished, the guardian returned and lead us in to the room! I don't really know but it was refreshing to have a staff to follow throughout the rooms! I was later told by my escape room expert friends that he was needed inside to signal the effects and allow us to proceed to the next room. Since he's always standing in front of the door to the next room. If I was to describe the 3 rooms we ended up going in to, it would be white, black and golden. As such, I didn't really take photos in the second room.

Each room have around two puzzles and they were simple enough for us to finish within 9 minutes, with some selfie time included prior to finishing the rooms. This is what happens when I could take photos. XD I did think we did the wrong thing in the second room, since we didn't really utilise the arrow and we all agreed for one of us to eat the golden apple. lol Regardless, they were kind enough to let us through to the last room, not to mention, with the golden apple. We did argue for a short while that the props are not to be carry forward to the next room, but was told it was ok. By the end of it, we did get told we're a good bunch with following the rules of closing the doors and all, I guess we're all very vocal and keen to solve all the puzzles.

To be honest I didn't really take note of the music, but there were alot visuals such as of laser, smoke and lighting. I must say I enjoyed the whole experience, it was like confidence boost! lol Personally I'm not a big fan of scary escape rooms, so this one being more like a mystery escape room was doable for me. Although I was scared by the staff every time we yelled out the spell for us to go to the next room. XD 6 was the maximum number, and the recommended number to go! Although I must say, 4 people is the better number for this one.


Upon finishing we were taken for extended walk since the staff was lost. lol Took us a while to find the actual BMWs. When we were told that there are 3 cars, I knew the cars would have been blue, red and yellow because we saw the clue in the room! XD We were slightly disappointed that we don't get to test drive the BMWs (We were only allowed into two cars too since something wrong with the golden one), nor could we play music or air con whilst sitting inside the cars - so it didn't take us long to decide to head off for ice cream and dinner. XD


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