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Endless Journey

Brought to you by Level-5 Inc! Having played both Professor Layton series and Yo-Kai Watch series, never did I thought that they would do a female oriented game with so many bishounen characters! Beautifully illustrated by Kurahana Chinatsu whose know for Uta no Prince Sama, but probably more Togainu no Chi and Lamento! Hence this one have been on my watch list (but not so much of the play list) for a while!

Read on to embark on the Road of Glory!
All the high visual characters... XD

The Maou Torinivoru was rebirth 300 years after it was once sealed away and the world is covered in darkness once again. King of Grand Lot, the great country who fights for the first time in the continent, orders warriers to participates in the Road of Glory tournament where they fight the monsters. Only the strongest warrior with the title grand slayer will sealed away the demon king and returned light back into the world...

Our Heroine on a CG!

Aliulla (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Clovis (CV: Miki Shinichiro)
Darryl (CV: Kimura Ryohei)
Dill (CV: Suwabe Junichi)
Fal (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)
Grants (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko)
Higan (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Hughes (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Ixa (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)
Jami (CV: Kakihara Tetsuya)
Kin’Caro (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Krumm (CV: Satou Takuya)
Laith (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)
Larkam (CV: Nakamura Yuichi)
Lienhardt (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
Lindor (CV: Yamaya Yoshitaka)
Matthias (CV: Toriumi Kosuke)
Musluca (CV: Murase Ayumu)
Sasha (CV: Nishiyama Koutarou)
Scar (CV: Yasumoto Hiroki)
Serpico (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa)
Slash (CV: Masuda Toshiki)
Tatin (CV: Yamashita Daiki)
Zekuu (CV: Ono Kensho)


The basic gameplay includes the Race Battle, where you create your team of three characters known as slayers and race against other slayers to the finish line by defeating the enemies along the way.

Each character uses different weapon types and you could choose to execute 3 different skills that are unique to each character cards you have, which could assist you to finish the quest to the criteria. Equipments and cards have different elements and star ratings on rarity.

Red > Green > Blue > Red
Yellow <> Purple

The otome game factor includes skinship where you tap the slayers to cure their status (replenished every 3 hours) or gift itmes and food to raise affection. Slayers are divided into light and shadow and will have different stories.

* Add me. Here's my friend id. dw3xaz6k
* Auto mode on! Provided you have your best three character cards! I must say the automode is pretty handy and I do always comes first with my team of slayers. :D
* Whilst on automode, look out for extra bonuses along the way that requires you to tap to trigger.
* Make sure your slayers wear the weapons, armour and accessories to boost status!
* Don't forget to make use of your friends and characters not on your team to collect materials for blacksmith/workshop.
* Send your slayers off to material search! Multiple slayers could be send off as you level up! I didn't realised until I accidentally pressed on to another box.
* Personally I think best to make items that have special effect that you want!
* Don't forget to power up, skill up or awaken your battle cards!

I was lucky enough to get 4 stars in my first 10 roll in summoning in the gacha! XD But I find the most important thing was the rating of the weapon! Basically you would want to one swing and defeat the enemy to ensure you complete the race within the time limit to generate more chance for gacha! Not to mention by doing that, I left the game running almost entirely on autopilot. XP

Surprisingly I didn't really do much with the skinship part, but having said that, I do have a few favourite characters - visually vs within battle. XD I love the little touch where you have to unlock the character profile, such as find out their likes and dislikes on food via the gifting system. That is pretty realistic don't you think? XD For the battle part I didn't went with the highest rating card, mostly because of the lack of high rating weapon! I know this could be easily overcome with the gacha roll as well, but I did wanted more character cards (as a Illustrations / CGs collector). =w=

I'm sure there are more updates and events ahead, but meanwhile, let's not forget to play the story and rank up accordingly...

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