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Brought to you by NHN PlayArt! The anime Dame x Prince Anime Caravan have already finished airing so I figured that it was time for me to finish off this post. This just proves how easy it is to watch something versus how time consuming it is to play a game (Well, in my case it's due to not wanting to pay). lol

Move on to the caravan...
Interesting note, if your internet is abit slow like mine, the loading logo is actually right on Ani's face. lol

Ani (Name Changeable) is a princess from a small kingdom called Inaco, where she have to work on the farm and have the one and only knight - Teo - whose also her childhood friend. One day, there was rumour that Inaco was attacked by the neighboring kingdom Milydonia. In order to find out the truth behind the rumoured attacked, her mother asked Ani to go to Milydonia kingdom undercover for the sake of their people in their kingdom...

They have a different placement now after the upgrade. =w=

Narek Ischi de Milidonia (CV: Ishikawa Kaito)
Vino Von Lomzard (CV: Umehara Yuuichirou)
Ruse Selen el Phiriazar (CV: Saito Soma)
Mare Selen el Phiriazar (CV: Kimura Ryohei)

Sub Characters
Teo Colton (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
Riot Volte (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke)
Chrom Rem (CV: Takemoto Eiji)
Grimaru (CV: Saito Ayaka)

Generally a houchi type mini game at the caravan where your earn money by sliding across the customers awaiting outside the caravan and unlock story. Side story could be obtained when you come across the princes upon the second swipe after they come out from the caravan. Love chance could be triggered upon gathering 3 pieces of the gem from the characters, then by selecting the correct present that would make the character happy would increase the love points.

I find myself being stuck playing the caravan more than the story. lol

The novel style story includes a story map, which requires you to complete all criteria before progressing. There are diversion where you choose your route kingdom / characters, and choosing your response within the 3 options provided which potentially leads to three types of Love end, normal end and Dame end. Although to clear a level you maybe required to have a certain level of love or dame points.

* Add friend! Here's my ID 357221201!
* Level up the caravan to increase the maximum number of customers waiting.
* Try to catch the Prince after they went into the caravan, because that creates a higher chance for Love chance!
* Don't forget to decorate the display around the caravan as some items have special effects.
* There are special events but mostly involve with the caravan, so just keep playing the caravan. lol Fever items are best used for these occasions.

I'm sad Teo isn't a playable route, despite the first question with option actually involves Teo! lol I suppose since he's not weird and nor is he a prince that it's understandable that he's not playable character. orz This is out of date (See how long ago it's been since this was typed up lol), he's unlocked after you finished one of the Prince routes. Chrom is unlocked upon completion of Ruse and Mare's Dame End and Riot is unlocked upon completion of Narek and Vino's Dame End. I guess it makes sense because it just means you're not interested in any of the princes. lol

I went for the Selenophalene kingdom first up and did Ruse's route because he seems the most normal. XD I didn't mind Mare either but would have much prefer if he kept his long hair. haha Recently I got a message saying they have resetted the gameplay and I seem to have lost my progress except for the items and in game currency. =A=+ But otherwise it's good time to start playing if you haven't...

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