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Phansite app!

Reminds me of the Phansite created by Mishima, but it's brought to you by Atlus x Aniplex Inc. Released along with the animation of the same title, this is a must have mobile app for Persona 5 fans (I think this is the only official P5 app anyway lol)!

You could search all the Persona series related news, enjoy the games and character talk event! Basically a portable version of the game overall, which reminds me... I have yet to finish the game... orz
I have yet to find out what O.A. stands for. XD

You're a newbie that joined the phantom group! Work along side with Morgana as one of the persona user and search deep into the mementos...

* Takamaki Ann
* Sakamoto Ryuji
* Kitagawa Yusuke
* Niijima Makoto
* Okumura Haru
* Sakura Futaba

There are also cameo of characters that are seen throughout the series such as my favourite Velvet Room twins - Caroline and Justine! (I love everyone in Velvet room, including Igor! XD)


Choose you favourite character as partner (Morgana is default) and search in the mementos. Once you clear you could earn persona points (PP) and items. As you progresses, the Persona that you take with you will level up and the bond between you and the partner would also increase. You could also revisit the conversation at a later time through the log before wrapping up the search. Once search is cleared, it will trigger talk event with the chosen partner and also increase your status upon answering Morgana's questions in your room.

You could also earn PP through related merchandise, various publications and special QR codes. But otherwise, there is a calendar function to access to anime, events, and merchandise news! The earned PP could be used summon persona (50pp per summon), exchange for mobile wallpapers and for the lottery campaign.

* Login daily, you get 50 PP!
* You get base 1,500 PP, so go spree to your hearts contents for persona summoning! Trust me, the default persona is too ugly. lol
* Ensure your characters are well equipped prior to the search in mementos, because the skills also increase the persona's power.
* Unlock more characters once you have fulfilled the criterias.

If you think about it, it's actually a houchi game! I like how you don't have to have the app on for the search part, you basically leave alone for it to grind. lol Though saying that you have to remember to stop if though once it reach 100 % completion. It does gets boring though since you don't have to do anything. I do love the results from the mementos search looking like the actual game.

The most interesting part of it is scanning QR codes for the items for coins... which I don't have any of the items to scan! orz I wonder if I could just ask Hehalana to scan codes for me. lol Joke asides, the major downside for me was the initial downloads (and this isn't even a console game). lol I would much prefer it to be part of the app download than the added on content. I actually ended up typing this up whilst it was downloading. orz


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