[Android] NameYon Nameko no Dassatsu game

Nameko 4 Panels!

Brought to you by Beeworks Games! Sudden realisation that I never actually made a post about the detective game that I used to play so much apart from Nameko no Su (See my post here) which I recently removed from my phone to make room for other games. lol

Featuring the cute mascot Nameko from Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina (aka Funghi from Touch Detective) in 28 stages with bonus 4koma manga (four panels comics)!
So we've got Nameko, Nameko and Nameko...!

Tap to collect items or use items. It also include spotting the differences and finding Wally Golden Nameko gameplay!

Don't forget to read the 4koma upon completion of each stage!

* Watch a short ad if you're stuck!
* Some stages requires some understanding of Japanese in order to complete.

I love the ending, to the extend which the overall pace actually reminds me of the Dokkiri Kamikaihi (See my post here http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-381.html), particularly with the specific Nameko you need to avoid (i.e. Tiger) and the museum stage. Some character personality is built deep within my brain already so it wasn't long until I finished! XD I did particularly enjoyed a few challenges which involves converting things into Japanese. The finding your smartphone stage reminds me of Mama ni Game kakusareta! (See my post here), I like the fact that they actually included a mum too! Despite the fact that they're all in cute Nameko form, they're as equally scary. XD My favourite stages are the Golden Nameko related stage, particular;y the last stage I guess. They just have to make the last one the most epic.

As Kamikaihi have a sequel (see my post here http://gratefullove.blog126.fc2.com/blog-entry-396.html), I would imagine there will be one for this too! Given Nameko's popularity! I look forward to more stages with the artist and his model and generally more Nameko! XD

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