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Brought to you by Global Gear! They just keep getting me hooked with their brilliant mystery stories such as Hannin wa boku desu (See my post here) and Sharehouse Kyou mo Boku wa kanshisuru (See my post here)!

I think I'll be committed to do one post for each of their mystery games! XD
They should probably call the game Kankin Dassatsu... because you have have escaped and no longer be imprisoned!

Haida was on his way to university where he was knocked out by someone. He wakes up and find himself locked away somewhere unknown to him. As Haida was getting close to finding his way out, the culprit turn out to be closer than expected...!


Tap on suspicious places / items to collect. Tap on the item to use against suspicious places. Tap on the circle again to "focus" and take photo and upload to SNS for your friends to make suggestions to your escape!

What imprisonment is this when you still have access to SNS!? XD

There are 5 Chapters in total, with up to 25 bad ends includes and one true end!

* Don't forget to tap on the evidence again to take photo. I wish this part only takes one tap and note twice (and it was after a bunch of text that he should take a photo lol).
* You could choose to start from specific dates / part of each chapter in order to unlock bad ends. Hence I would suggest doing it after you have finished the game. I ended up unlocked alot upon 4th chapter. XD

I find it relatively funny how the protag couldn't open the items prior to the suggestions from friends. lol Not to mention he was constantly knocked unconscious and locked away. Though it maybe abit silly to just message your friends for help rather than calling the Police. XD

*spoiler alert*
The story didn't go the way I thought it would half way through the game. I thought they would all take turns locking up Haida. XD I got relatively confused upon chapter 5 when it was split between the fake end and the true end because the story didn't quite add up for me. lol And that stalker! Haha I suspected it was Tsukino was the real culprit since he was relatively excluded from all the situations and that he was the closest friend of Haida. Especially after the fake end when he was with Sora. XD
*spoiler ends*

The parts with time limits are the most existing new gameplay, one took me several tries but do eventuate. XD I think changing between the talk time and the search time was fairly manual. lol They should have that as automatic even if they want want to show it. I do love the additions to the CGs! Just takes the game to another level! XD Not to mention they were dynamic CGs too!


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