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The Silly cases of Drinking Circle

Brought to you by Global Gear! They just keep getting me hooked with their brilliant stories! Except for this one which got me hooked in another way! lol It's funny because the things they're arguing over is so silly. XD

If you're into that type of humour then this is the game for you!
I never look at opening too deeply because there's always spoilers! XD

Ahoda is a member of the Hibi no chisa na Hatsuken Circle (Every day's discovery on the smallest thing circle) aka Nomisaa (Drinking circle). The circle host gathering around drinking, and throughout these gathering, something odd happened and Ahoda is the suspect?! Defend yourself via looking for evidence and collecting statements!

At first I thought Shinya was Ahoda because not all members are shown in the first case.


I'm surprise Ahoda have a kotatsu at his home when he lives alone. I guess that way he don't need a bed.

Search for evidence by tapping on various places. Collect 2 important witness statement prior to performing the logic throughout the 5 cases! There are a total of 15 ending all together.

Don't forget to tap on suspicious area for Akagi medals is used to unlock the extra cases!

* Find all the hidden Akagi medals! Good things bound to happen upon collection! There are 5 medals hidden within each case, with at least one medal in one screen/location. Upon 10 medals collection, you'll unlock one extra case, but ideally you get the full 25 medals to unlock the extra case 2!
* I was relatively surprised that 2 witness statement was required through the case, so pick your two important statements wisely (Because our protag only have small memory capacity for two statements only)!
* Evidence could be use more than once!
* Watch short ad for hints! I never end up doing it, but I wish they have one for the Akagi medals! XD

"What a troublesome group!" is what I had in mind the whole time while playing it! XD The game basically revolves around small cases that doesn't require involvement of the Police and easily resolved within the group. The process would have been alot quicker if people own up to their faults. I love the subtitles (translation) to each cases. XD And the little prologue to each of the cases which makes it more properly planned. You also see each character's traits so you build on your bias (suspicion) too.

*Spoiler alert*
You could tell who is paired with who in this one! XD I guess the only one that I wasn't suspecting was Shizuku! Can't judge a book by its cover! I probably pity Shinya the most because of his illness, and to think it's the topic over various of cases. XD Everyone seems to have flaws within the Drinking Circle, Wakaba is probably the only one that is somewhat better than the others. The extra stories are interesting too since they're set before the first case, such as how Ahoda met Shinya, and how Ahoda joined the drinking circle. Turns out Ahoda introduced Shinya to the group and thus Shizuku fell in love with Shinya! (Really bad move Ahoda! XD) Which having watched them, makes all the cases more complete.
*Spoiler ends*

I hope they do a sequel, though I don't think it's likely since the suspense is gone until the last case. One could only hope. XD


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