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Bite the forbidden Apple

Brought to you by Otomate x Idea Factory! I played this one mostly because of the Seiyuu - Sakurai Takahiro! I have in the past taken an interest in ALICE=ALICE too, so it's not surprising that I also have an interest in this one!

I guess the other factor that got my interested in this title was the illust Suoh, who also did the Rejet drama CD series Shinsengumi Wasurenagusa! Funny enough, I recently bought Suoh's artbook La Lumiere too. But sadly there was no Bad Apple Wars illust since it's released in 2015... I guess I need to get the visual artbook instead.
All the routes on the cover, excluding one that got cut off.

On her first day to high school, Rinka (Name changeable) was killed by a car and were warp to NEVAEH Academy - a school for the souls left behind after death. She was greeted by the Teacher with rabbit head and headed to the welcoming ceremony. The ceremony was interrupted with an explosion by a group of delinquent students called Bad Apples. The red haired boy spoke out to her and asked if she wants to live, shortly after they took off Whilst fighting against the members of the Disciplinary Committee. With that in mind, will Rinka join the good students in the Disciplinary Committee or the bad students in the Bad Apples?


Alma (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Higa (CV: Suwabe Junichi)
Shikishima (CV: Ishida Akira)
Satoru (CV: Hanae Natsuki)
Shiraga no Judgement (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Support Characters
Naraku (CV: Minagawa Junko)
Sanzu (CV: Ozawa Ari)
Yoh (CV: Kanbara Daichi)
Enishi (CV: Sakimoto Masakazu)
Usagi Sensei (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Bucket Sensei (CV: Miki Shinichiro)
Gas Mask Sensei (CV: Yusa Koji)

The colour codings for characters are self explanatory that I know exactly how to get to Alma.

Generally love the story settings which is not your average otome game nowadays, with more suspense and mystery to resolve. XD I can't go into the details of the gameplay since it's just straight forward Visual novel style, I mean even to the routes it's all colour coded. XD There was no particular options that would change your fate, so it was just visual novel. There is a Soul Touch System where Rinka looks into the character's past, but I feel that was redundant and time wasted trying to progress with the story when giving options are more effective when it comes to coming to good or bad ends.

Kudos to Usagi Sensei for the wonderful voice acting within the story. I did get the spook first up during the prologue to the choosing between which side to take on. As expected from Sugita! Having play through the game now after P5, makes me think how much the colours theme resembles it. lol From the black and red, the rebellions, the catchy music and to the roof top. XD

The good student routes didn't get shown much so I've included this screen shot instead. XD

I actually like the design of the good student Rinka more than the bad student one. Though saying that, the bad student Rinka looks more like Alice in Alice in Wonderland to give her that confused look. lol I actually wanted to see her in Naraku's clothing design for her. I'm still confused as to what Rinka's power was... perhaps her luck (with getting a second chance in life) or none at all? XD

I went through the bad apples group first because of Sakurai! Love the ending, it's probably something I would expect from a romance movie! XD I was slightly concerned about their time differences, but it all ends well and made me believe that Alma is serious and all. That aside, I was really curious about Shiraga no Judgement (Such a mouth full lol, I prefer to use his true name but I'll let you find out his name) because of his mask makes him mysterious. XD Not to mention his character covers majority of the cover title... I wonder if that makes him the main character. lol Maybe just the main villain. haha

Slightly disappointed with no hidden routes for any of the support characters. I could tell why Yoh isn't included because of Sanzu (I'm sure they're officially shipped together). XD But Naraka. I love Minagawa's voice!!! lol I mean... I'm sure all the characters have a very interesting background story with their item abilities. It was interesting how the fellow bad students doesn't have visuals but are still fully voiced!

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