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Youkai Kouhaku

Brought to you by Level-5 Inc. I am still slowly playing Youkai Sangokushi and then this came along. XD This actually isn't their first rhythm game if you have played Youkai Watch Dance on WiiU! Though saying that, the gameplay is different since it's on different platform.

Just another Yokai Watch game with a spice of different gameplay element! I guess even Youkai have to become idols to be popular too!
Have to be popular enough to be on the cover. XD

Level up your favourite Youkai and become the number one band in the Yokai World with the aim to perform on the Youkai Kouhaku stage!

Default band members are Gurerurin, Mera Mera Lion, Hikikoumori and Whisper. You only get to choose between Jibanyan, Komasan and Usapyon at the beginning. The game is split into two different modes but shares the same band members.

Performance mode
Choose your song, difficulties, band members and play! Tap when the circle is in line with the white circle. You would also be required to flick in the direction of the arrow, or hold when it's rainbow. High combos will trigger special attacks. The ratings of the tap ranges from Perfect, Good, OK and fail (They're straight forward aren't they? lol I was expecting bad but they call it fail.).


Clear stages and earn spirit points and unlock more band members and songs!

Live Battle mode
Tap and flick your band members at the right timing to trigger appeal. You get more points by picking the right Youkai requested by the audience. You will earn Yokai Medal upon defeating the Yokai.

You could only progress with the live battle map by fulfilling the criteria. E.g. Unlocking a particular song. So you'll be playing the Performance mode most of the time.

The gameplay reminds me of Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA with the beats appearance around the screen. Though saying that, they included handy counting assistance for the beats to be hit in order.

Song list to be unlocked!

There are alot of songs available but awaiting to be unlocked, not to mention Youkai as well. But I guess the Youkai list to be minimal because we're all very visual and only wanted good looking Youkai right?! XD Apart from the fact that each Youkai plays a particular instrument, otherwise they're the same models as the Youkai in the various precedent games. lol As much as I wanted to get Orochi (I know he's in it because they showed samples), I don't think I have that much patience to unlock them all given that I struggle on hard for a few songs already. orz

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