[Android] Torishirabe shitsu Yuugure Keiji to Saisho No Mystery

Interrogation room

Brought to you by GAGEX Co. Ltd.! The art style reminds me of Dangaronpa and the like, so I gave it a go. Interestingly it was houchi gameplay (Though not unexpected given the trend of their previous games) with a big mystery case theme! Not to mention, there isn't a walkthrough for this, simply because you don't need to solve much mystery, except for finding out the culprit!

Let's break their bubbles (Literally)! lol
All the suspect in one picture! I wish they have one for the Yuugure Keiji (Twilight Detective) too. lol

At a Police station located in a small town, there is a man called the "Twilight detective". There is not one person in the Police station that haven't heard of the legendary detective who was said to be the "Demon in the Interrogation room".

When he was retired from service, there was a particular incident that he took interest in. Some years after he was hired again as temporary staff, thus starts the secret investigation of the detective at twilight...

Yateru Tarou
Natsuyagi Miyuki
Kanbara Shiori
Mimashita Kazuki
Kimoi Kouzaburou

Slide across the speech bubbles to get statements from suspects! As you collect the bubbles, you will earn in game currency. Each bubble you break gives you 50 points. Points collected could be used to summon suspect (2000 points required) and pointing out contradiction (1000 points required). Well, it only make sense that you need some incentives to call on Shiori (Not so sure about the others haha), I mean, you're taking her out from her precious work hours!

Effect of the Katsudon (YUMMY!) to make them more talkative. lol

Katsudon is used to trigger massive talk out from the suspect and are replenished every 5 minutes after watching a short ad.

The suspects will gradually tell you the bits and pieces of the incident, uncover the truth hidden in their statement through identifying the contradictions and other parties involved!

* Once you spoken to a new suspect, it's likely to unlock more statements from the previous ones.
* Make good use of the Katsudon!
* Generally a new suspect will introduce a new suspect (They're more talkative)... so stick with the newer one if you're stuck on progressing.

The game is pretty timeless as it's always set in Twilight, apart from the meter that counts down gradually. I never got around to the time limit (Apart from opening the app again), but I think the suspect just leaves the chair and you have to summon them again. Since the statements doesn't go in particular order, it made it harder for me to understand the real situation. orz That said, I prefer going through individuals suspect and read all the statement in one go. lol

It's actually abit more time consuming than I thought it would be. You get to see the progress for each characters from the star ratings as well as their expression changes. I've already unlocked all the characters but still need get more important statements from them. lol You could tell which ones have higher EQ than the others. haha

If they ever have a sequel I could imagine the titles to be change slightly. But the last title would most likely to be Saigo no Mystery. XD

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