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Brought to you by Bandai Namco Online Inc. It's been a while since I've got stuck onto Idolish7 (See my post here) on their mobile game! XD Due to the very same reason, I got myself the Vita game!

The game set between the second and third season of the mobile game and will be including a new original song sung by Idolish7, TRIGGER, and Re:vale. In the game, the idol you spend the most time raising sings the solo in the new song.
All the playable characters!

There will be a nation wide tour called Twelve Fantasia! which includes the idol groups Idolish7, Trigger and Re:vale from 3 different Talent Production companies. However there is abit of issue, that is, one of the investor and the fan club president for Legendary Idol Zero have been against their appearance at final destination at Zero Arena. Tsumugi (Name changeable) of Takanashi Production decided to work together with the 12 idols by managing the touring schedules and build fans follower nationwide to prove the groups are real idols and worth hosting at Zero Arena...!

There are more characters now too with the Part 2 and 3 updates with Re:Vale and Zool, but I'll only list out the appearance for this game.

Nanase Riku (CV: Kensho Ono)
Izumi Mitsuki (CV: Yonaga Tsubasa)
Rokuya Nagi (CV: Eguchi Takuya)
Nikaido Yamato (CV: Yusuke Shirai)
Yotsuba Tamaki (CV: Kenn)
Izumi Iori (CV: Toshiki Masuda)
Osaka Sogo (CV: Atsushi Abe)

Kujo Tenn (CV: Saito Soma)
Yaotome Gaku (CV: Hatano Wataru)
Ysunashi Ryunosuke (CV: Satou Takuya)

Momo (CV: Hoshi Soichiro)
Yuki (CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Sub Characters
Takahashi Otoharu (CV: Chiba Susumu)
Banri Ogami (CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki)
Kaoru Anesagi (CV: Kawahara Yoshihisa)
Rinto Okazaki (CV: Makoto Furukawa)
Yaotome Sousuke (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)

It's actually more complicated than the last Vita game I played so I have to split this part out from the thoughts unlike Bad Apple Wars (See my post here). lol

This page is ever changing base on your can badges!

Choose your concert venues on the map to start your one week schedule! Note, venues are unlocked base on your fan follow ranks.

Slot the schedule cards into the timetable to create the day's schedule.

For each event you need to choose 3 characters and the team leader with the crown will have higher growth boost. One downside is that you need to update the team members for every type of lessons when you change venue and have different characters you want to level up. orz

The events will burn stamina, so you need to make sure the idols have enough rest, otherwise you lose a whole day recovering all their HP (I normally work them hard... lol). Or alternatively, you could use the Recommended option to fill the schedule but they generally allow for more generous recovery (I guess the CPU is more human than me XD). The lunchtime hours have (12pm - 2pm) better recovery rate than other times, so try to take rest between those time.

The schedule cards ranges from Lessons for Vocal/Dance/Performance, Outdoor (Increase Fan follows, Kinako (Adds star rating to cards to reduce stamina burn) and Ousama Pudding (Random gacha). Special idol schedule cards (voiced backstage event) could be selected upon increase idol's trust, and needs to be slotted in to the schedule to be seen.

It's hard to take a picture while playing... and it doesn't help there's no screen capture function for this game!?

At the end of each week, there will be a live performance. Choose your team and song to perform. Press the correct buttons at the right timing as they move towards the circle to increase the appeal gauge. Upon the appeal gauge being filled, you could press any buttons to clear the beats on the screen for approximately 10-15 seconds.

Card battle!

KinaCoins are earned through live performance and card battle for Higher or Lower Hours points from schedule cards. These are ingame currencies use to buy can badges. Switch between your Can Badge sets for scheduling and for performance as they give different boost!

The Rabbitter doesn't act the same way as the mobile version's Rabbichat. It's like reading their Twitter status updates throughout the week and that's about it. I wish there were extra CGs. XD

* When setting up your team for the activities, make sure the character in the spotlight is in the team for leveling, as well as the shiny character if you're only require 2 characters. These characters that will have special effect on the leveling with the inclusion of them. Thought it should be noted that it's generally just for the day's schedule, so do feel free and remove them off the list upon second day.
* Your highest level characters are ranked at the end of each day. It's not surprising to see mine is Tenn. XP
* Choose the right venues base on the targeted audience! This is also driven by the key character status. The bigger the difference between the target and estimated audiences, the more unlikely you'll complete the venue and may need to do another week of schedule there. I did and I still failed it. lol
* Remember to do more outdoor promotion! This will increase the enthusiasm gauge which give bonus to both your audience and rewards after Live Clear. I was abit greedy when it comes to speeding up the status leveling. lol Saying that, you don't need to do anymore outdoor promotion when the gauge is full!
* Try to burn most of your energy on the last day of the week! Since the idols won't be tired for the live performance!
* Unlock Night Time for extended health gauge! I find this is best accompanied with +1 schedule card choice! Again, I'm a Oni manager. XD

The introduction was done well with i7 group progressing with the live show, commercial, subgroups etc. so that we know which part of the story it falls under. Funny seeing Sogo and Tamaki in their performance outfit when they were speaking the lines from the commercial... it was at a beach too. lol

There are limited songs (Only 7 and include only 3 new songs that are unlocked upon completion of each group route! orz) that are playable and lack of difficulties settings. But I probably have higher expectation because of their standard with the mobile games and I keep forgetting the fact that they only put the games onto console in order to get more money. lol Not to mention the pixels as I was playing on VitaTV (Mind you, other otome games that I play which were produced few years ago have better character stills than this lol), so the game felt like it's just been ripped out from the mobile game itself. That said, I got bored. lol

I had a brief run through the first 61 days thinking I would have finished the game, but I was wrong. lol It now seems so endless. XD I wanted more rhythm gameplay rather than Princess diary type of nurture style gameplay (In this case I would probably call it Idol Schedule). orz There are very few novelties such as purchasing of badges to skill up in the schedule and live performances. At the end of the tour, your days and status resets, only the can badges, star ratings (scores) and Kina Coins are carried forward.

I must say generally I'm disappointed with the gameplay as it wasn't as well planned compared to the mobile version of the game... not to mention not enough romance happening either. There are a few subtle hints for a few members, or mostly Gaku complementing himself / sobaman than actual interactions with the player. My GakuTsumu moments... *sobs* orz

Nevertheless I did enjoy the new CGs, and the additional short cut scenes (Though it requires you to slot that into your schedule too) which was fully voiced because they're the extra contents that we don't see on the mobile version!

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