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Brought to you by Geechs Inc.! What better time than to post the belated post with the one year anniversary notice as well as the service to end 24th July 2018! Not to mention they will close the website just before end of this year too! I guess the alcohol names weren't too attractive to get people to continue with it despite the beautiful characters and event CGs? XD

Get it while it last!
I like it how they put the most visually good looking ones on the cover. XD As expected from Ikemen Bar. lol

Bar regis is a famous bar that provides quality time in the busy district of the city, as such it captures the heart of its every visitors. One day, your grandfather handed you the title of transfer and entrusted the bar to you. But you are a NEET, and have no idea who to run the bar as the new owner. Work with the ikemen staffs and bring life back to the bar before it closes down!

Ojiichan (CV: Sugita Tomokazu)
Tom Collins (CV: Kondou Takashi)
Moulin Rouge (CV: Suwabe Junichi)
Salty Dog (CV: Enoki Junya)
Tequila Sunrise (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga)
Emerald Mist (CV: Furukawa Makoto)
Martini (CV: Eguchi Takuya)
Manhattan (CV: Sawashiro Chiharu)
Kiss in the Dark (CV: Satou Takuya)
Pink Lady (CV: Tamura Mutsumi)
Blue Moon (CV: Miyake Takahiro)
Gimlet (CV: Hirose Yuuya)
Jack Rose (CV: Igarashi Masashi)
Bellini (CV: Minegishi Kei)
American Lemonade (CV: Morikubo Shoutaro)
Caipirinha (CV: Murase Ayumu)
Caipiroska (CV: Murase Ayumu)
Mistia Royal (CV: Masuda Toshiki)
Dirty Mother (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)
Screw Driver (CV: Tezuka Hiromichi)
White Lady (CV: Hiroyuki Kagura)
Adonis (CV: Hamazoe Shinya)
Seventh Heaven (CV: Yamashita Daiki)
Grasshopper (CV: Naraoka Kai)
Kamikaze (CV: Maeno Tomoaki)
Sidecar (CV: Shimono Hiro)
Long Island Iced Tea (CV: Miura Hiroaki)
Mimoza (CV: Okiayu Ryoutarou)
Alexander (CV: Seki Tomokazu)
Old Pal (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki)
Gin Fizz (CV: Tamura Seijun)
Alaska (CV: Takahata Sora)

The customer services includes 4 types of mini puzzle games.

Glasses Salary Man
Tap on the screen at the right timing when the moving boxes hits the grid within the time limit.

Career Woman

Tap 2 or more of one colour to remove gem to allow the bottles and fruits to be dropped so that drinks could be made!

Sawayaka Oniisan

Slide to swap the boxes to form 3 or more of the same pattern boxes to clear. Clear the required boxes within the time limit to successfully progress to next stage.

Special customer

Tapping the correct amount of individual drinks as shown seconds ago. These customers appear every one hour, or refreshes upon rank up!

Maintaining your bar includes clean up and decorating it with staffs and themed furniture. Increase the relationship with the staffs and owner rank up to unlock stories.

* Set your team of 5 princes! I normally go with the recommended, and they generally bring the rarest character cards anyway.
* Boost the HP use so that you could level up quicker (and play less!).
* Press Fever mode to clear alot of deliveries and earn extra coins! You could play fever every 6AM and 6PM.
* Level up your character cards with Gold! (Sounds like Hosts to me...) Not to mention unlocking the panels too.
* Keep up to date with the stories. You get crystals upon finish reading it!
* Get help from Ojiisan (Available after chapter 10) for the mini games! Also replenished every one hour.

Not as exciting as I thought running a bar would be. lol I thought it would be like restaurant games but it does very little with making alcohol, apart from the fact that ikemen staffs appears as human forms with the weird names and the puzzle game using alcohol bottles and fruits as decorations within the puzzles.

The drawings for this one does looks nice, but I never really took huge interests in one of the particular for this one to be honest. The one that eventually did took my attention was all the shouta - Pink Lady, Caipirinha/Caipiroska, Seventh Heaven. lol Mostly because I had the SSR cards! The main story was mostly about the ups and downs in running a bar for newbies. Most chapters starts from the heroine waking up for another day of work. lol I didn't have alot of chance to see how much further the game could go in terms of the romance... so... just play it before it ends! At least you get to see some more CGs and few voiced lines from your favourite Seiyuus.

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genre : Games


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