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My play history on WoFF Part 1

Brought to you by my favourite JRPG company Square Enix http://www.square-enix.com/! I convinced Ry into buying the game when Final Fantasy XV was released... and he gave in mostly because it included a limited edition artbook (I love Tetsuya Nomura's artstyle)! I've been playing it last year when I was dog sitting over two weeks, and below the cut is my play through!

NOTE: Image heavy!
Welcome to the World of Grymoire! Where you could Befriend various monsters called Mirages!

I'm your professor, Enna Kros. Just let me finished my ultra sweet coffee before I go further into details.

Simply use the Poke Cube Prisim to captures these Pokemon Mirages !

Mirages are befriended in battle after they have been sufficiently weakened, and once in the party can be freely named.


Mirages are best placed on your shoulder / head, especially the yellow mirage... Chocobo.


But only the lighter one could be put on top of the other! Otherwise the stack might not balance when being attacked.


Don't forget to choose your starter Mirage too.

I wanted Shiva generally, but she took me too many tries. lol Anyhow, I generally love using fire type, so I ended up with Ifrit, and took me only one try.

To summarise this game... Kingdom Hearts x Pokemon Mirage! There's not alot of battle, more so little puzzles (Also getting you to think about how to maximise the benefits of heights lol) and more on the linear story... To be honest I haven't been playing SE's title for a while after jumping to Atlus for the Shin Megami Tensei series! XD The last I would have played of the similar gameplay would have been Kingdom Hearts II (The others were on handhelds so it's not the same as playing on the TV)!

The main characters are Lann and Reynn who are twins that hold the power in one of their arms to capture and wield Mirages. Personally I like Lann over Reynn, since as I moved forward with the story, Reynn's attitude when she's explaining (some of the things that is supposed to be more common senses) kind of put me off. lol

Interestingly there's anime cut scene.

The process of going to recover their memories reminds me of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. The part where you catch mirages feels like Pokemon. With the two different type of characters - Lilikins and jiants - the original characters of the series appears to be Kingdom Hearts and the others looks to me as a way to slack of creating more detailed characters! I would love to see some of the Lilikins in their jiants forms. =w=


I knew there was something about the captain when I heard his ikemen voice, so when he was transformed into the Warrior of Light I must say I wasn't overly surprised along side with Princess Sarah.. lol


Some other familiar appearances such as Yuna from FFX and many more! Only Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and Sora from Kingdom Hearts, appear in the game via downloadable content.

I think the FF series characters' cameo appearances are what I enjoyed the most for the game. XD As expected from the title World of FF.

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