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Avoid being dumped!

Brought to you by Global Gear! Wasn't that long ago since I last posted on one of their game namely Baka Suspense Shougen wa Futatsu Made (See my post here) which uses the same art style!

This one is a older one that I didn't get around to it because of the simplicity of the game. However, it turns out that it was very worthwhile as with their other games... XD

Cheater's gonna cheat.

Ore Kun
Kanojo 2
Kanojo Chichi


Choose the options and progress!

You get 5 Ore points to start off with. The Ore points could be use to back track the last option.

Up to 10 stages with secret stage 1 (unlocked in stage 3), 2 (unlocked in stage 3) and last secret stage (unlocked upon 90%+ ending view).

* Unlock all ending as you go. lol You'll need 90%+ ending views to unlock the last secret stage for the full story.
* Use the Ore points for stage 8+ onwards. It'll save you more time to go back to re-read everything to get to the ending.
* Watch a short ad to replenish 5 Ore Points! You'll need them to unlock the last stage!

This protag literally escaped Hell every single time and he doesn't learn. lol First you would think that wow, this guy is two timing and then he still go ahead and date the girl friend's friend! Such courage. lol

I like the little intrusion of a guy character Hideki to make it abit more hilarious. I mean, there was no way he's not straight. XD Apart from Hideki, I think the protag got to be the best looking character in this game. lol Interesting though he have the most hair out of his whole family. XD

At some point I did thought the girl friend to be very tough and possibly a delinquent but she is just your average girl friend who really do love you. Definitely a keeper, and hence the protag doesn't want to be dump because he loves cheating. XD

I mean, in the end, they did get married together! I guess it's a happy end?


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